Official Course walk and an epic WOOPS

So, we had the most awesome Shitshow Episode 2 and I made a MASSIVE oops while it was saving and accidentally permanently deleted the entire thing. I’m super bummed about it, and that means there isn’t an episode for today. BUT – we do have the official course walk done, which is here, and ended up being fantastic:

I PROMISE we will have another Shitshow episode tomorrow, even better than the first one, once I stop pouting over losing all the epic footage from today. 😦

I do have this one clip that Sherri got from our Unicorn Races last night… it was tons of fun.

And pictures:

Just wait til y’all see my glitter saddle…



19 thoughts on “Official Course walk and an epic WOOPS

  1. One thing (havent watched the course walk yet) why not let Bobby handle the camera? You obviously have no skills at it 🙂 LOLLOL sorry you lost all that footage! Running to feed horses but very excited on my return to watch the course walk at my leisure!


    1. one more question. WHAT did everyone else think of you while doing that hilarious course walk?? OMG. I bet you had some side eyeballing going on LOLLOL


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