Well that’s anticlimactic, but there are still unicorns

Typically I’d be doing a stadium recap today, since I did dressage and then XC the past two days. But I’m still waiting on the photographer to post pictures, and there’s one in particular that I REALLY want to include in the recap, so y’all are gonna have to wait to hear the details of how AEC ended. Hopefully I’ll have pics by Monday. I will circle back around to it ASAP, I promise. Here’s a teaser to offset any complaining.

photo by Olivia Ramos

What I DO have are the contest winners for The Sparkliest Contest Ever. This one was tough. Bobby and I really liked two peoples’ pictures in particular, so we’re still awarding the big main prize, but we’ve also put together another almost equally as awesome prize pack for the other winner as well. Plus I have a little something for everyone who entered, so no one walks away empty handed. Ready to get majestic AF?

The big winner is Alyssa, with this pretty fantastically photoshopped picture. The sun rays. The flowers. The magical forest setting. The suggestion of glitter. Nailed it. She also submitted a goat version which kind of hints at the fact that goats could double as leprechauns and live in harmony with unicorns?


The second winner of the almost equally as awesome prize pack is Laura. We got a good giggle out of this perspective of your unicorn.


Thanks to all who contributed! Participants, please contact me with your address and I’ll start rounding up your prizes and getting them together for shipping.

As a side note, does anyone else think that this picture that Alyssa photoshopped of me and Bobby a few weeks ago:


sure looks an awful lot like what actually transpired in real life at AEC? Except Bobby stole my pose… he’s always trying to be more like me…

19 thoughts on “Well that’s anticlimactic, but there are still unicorns

  1. It was supposed to be a wizard goat, but I like the leprechaun idea more! Thank you very much for hosting the most sparkliest contest ever! And Bobby is still creeping me out.


  2. lol those pictures are amazing! nice creativity haha. and should those of us with late entries still be in touch? also that pic of bobby finishing his stadium round is awesome


  3. I just have to say WAHOOO! again & I also MUST send your recaps to BFF who is Commander in Chief of the Unicorn fan club, I sent her your saddle pad pics b/c we both had so much envy! So proud for y’all!!!!


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