Hello Betty! and stuff for sale…

Still waiting on media from AEC to finish off the recap (can I take a second to whine about how everyone uploads things from the upper levels on down, thus we’re always last priority for anything?), so you have to hear about the one exciting thing that happened this weekend instead.

Henry feels the same way

Say hello to Black Betty! I mentioned her a couple weeks ago but yesterday I was finally able to go pick her up.

I took her straight to a metal guy because she needs some roof repairs, but hopefully she’ll be home and 100% road worthy in a week or two. Once I have a little more money accrued (hopefully by spring) she will get painted and turn from Black Betty into Betty White. Maybe by then the song Black Betty will be out of my head. Last week it was We Are The Champions because that was the victory gallop song at AEC. Stuck in my head All. Week. Long. Now it’s Black Betty. Building the soundtrack of my life, I suppose.

Henry made new friends! Well… one new friend. The other, not such a Henny fan.

Back to the subject of accruing money… since I now have a trailer to finish refurbishing and a truck to buy, I have to let go of anything non-essential. Main things for sale:

Ogilvy jump pad – greige with navy binding and chocolate piping. I got a new one in my XC colors so I don’t really need this one anymore. This is a perfect color combination for schooling, it doesn’t show dirt or grime. $160

Easyboot Cloud hoof boots – brand new in the box, size 3. One for $65 or both and a carrying case for $120.

FITS breeches – new pair of Kimberly knee patch or Flex Free full seat. You pick size and color. $30 off retail price.

Samshield visor – black, brand new. $100

Professional’s Choice XC boots – new with tags black front pair, size medium. $70

Coach purse – new with tags ($380 retail) eggplant purple. Super cute for fall. $150

Devoucoux Makila, 18.5 (runs small) wide tree. Excellent condition. $1800

Buy stuff. Betty needs a makeover.

20 thoughts on “Hello Betty! and stuff for sale…

  1. Welcome to owning a horse trailer in need of a makeover. I can sympathize with you there! 🙂 Check the horse trailer conversion page on FB if you need inspiration of have questions about how to do something yourself.


  2. Now that I’m thinking about it, I never bought myself my traditional b-day present. So I’m interested in the breeches. I *need* a nice pair is what I’m telling myself. I’ll email you about price and whatnot.


    1. If I accomplish nothing else today, I will sleep well knowing that at least a few people from all over the country are cussing me out for getting that song stuck in their heads.


  3. Would you be willing to do a trial on the Devoucoux Makila? I like Devoucoux, but baby horse is getting hard to fit. He outgrew my MW Jaguar (squeezes the shoulder blades like crazy), but I tried a wide Amerigo Vega on him and he just about swam in it in the gullet, yet it still squeezed his shoulder blades. For that price, I’d be willing to risk having to ship it back and forth! Unless you doubt it would fit him- I think he needs a rounder type saddle instead of the nice V shape. Could you send me a couple pics? janice.pipich@gmail.com


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