Cross country video from AEC

Still no pictures, but the video was finally posted yesterday! Hallelujah.

My particular observations:

  1. Henny looks like a squirrel. He’s all ear hair, teeth, and swishy tail.
  2. He’s much happier jumping out of the faster pace in the first half than when I had to slow way down toward the end to make time (we both agree that 350mpm is dumb).
  3. Look at him save my butt at the bank like a bonafide saint.
  4. I never get tired of looking at that cute face.

And I pulled video stills for those who don’t want to invest almost 5 minutes of their life to watching a BN course.



matching expressions


oh hai, ditch


AECXCcap13    AECXCcaplastfenceThe same video people will be at Greenwood this weekend, and I’d reaaaaaally like a video there since their Novice course is fairly stout, but it’s EXPENSIVE. Understandably so, equipment wise and manpower wise and time wise, but I might be a little too poor to justify another video right now.

29 thoughts on “Cross country video from AEC

  1. you guys look fab – and make that course like easy and small. nicely done!! and fwiw, i’d say go for the video too… or at least try to get that darn helmet cam working 😉


  2. He looks so happy. Some of the camera angles when you’re coming towards the camera make it look like you’re going for much bigger jumps and I keep thinking, wow, that’s a really big jump for BN. Then you go off to the actual BN jump. I don’t know how much the video costs, but it’s certainly nice to have.


  3. we can all toss in 10 bucks to help you for the cause LOL I love watching Henry cc and have watched it several times already. (I agree about the size of jumps looking HUGE at different angles LOL YIKES)


  4. So fun to watch – you guys did a really great job! Henry didn’t even miss a beat throwing in that trot step before the down bank – so smooth!


  5. I love your GoPro vids but it’s nice to be able see you guys in action for a change! You’re trucking along the whole time but it all looks so organized and confident. It’s no wonder Henry is so great – you do a really wonderful job with him. Impressed, as always!


  6. Adorable and majestic! You guys did such a greay job!

    Sidenote, since when have BN fences looked so massive. Last time I did BN I could’ve sworn they looked tame…those look HUGE


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