Free stuff day = best day

When Bobby said in Episode 4 of The Shitshow: “a gift card is like two awesome gifts: 1) it’s the gift of something free and 2) it’s the gift of shopping”, it might have been the wisest thing to ever come out of his mouth. Going through all of our prizes and redeeming the gift cards and certificates has felt a little bit like winning the lottery, especially because all of the companies have been so awesome about sending our stuff to us quickly.

On Wednesday I got my first COTH issue, which is 50% dangerous (ads. so many pretty ads.) and 50% awesome. No way I’m escaping the next year without buying anything because of the Chronicle.

Nice navy Samshield with orange piping you’ve got there, Daniel Bluman…
Then yesterday I got a package from Kastel – their hooded winter jacket, which fits perfectly. I almost can’t wait for cold weather to get here so I can wear it and review it.


I also got my XC boots from Professional’s Choice, which look nice too. They’re basically identical to my Majyk Equipe boots, from what I can tell.


Hidden at the bottom of the pile of packages was a big envelope from USEA. A little while back I put in my form to redeem our Silver Medal at BN, and the certificates and medal came! Pretty cool. I really do love USEA and their awards programs.


The arrival of that stuff also prompted me to go look up the scores required for a Gold medal at BN again, and it turns out that our score at AEC was the last one we needed, so now I can put in for that one too. Think I’m gonna wait til the end of the season and see if we get our last score needed for Silver at Novice so I can apply for both at the same time. Medals errywhere. Need moar medals. I’m not really sure what to do with them though… or the certificates. Or his ribbons from AEC (seriously, what do I do with these ribbons that doesn’t involve cutting them up or stringing them across a room like a kid? Help. I don’t usually keep ribbons.). I need a Henry shrine in my house or something. I’m sure the SO wouldn’t mind that at all, an entire room dedicated to Henry…

And last but not least, something that was not free but I’m pretty excited about anyway: thank you cards for all of the sponsors of Team Always be a Unicorn. Naturally they feature a unicorn.


As for the weekend, we are off to Greenwood today to run their mini-Rolex-looking Novice course. We are the first horse to go on Saturday and second on Sunday. I’ll try to be awake enough to stay on my horse.




14 thoughts on “Free stuff day = best day

  1. I have a big glass jar that I stuff all our ribbons in. I like it because it keeps everything neat and tidy and it unobtrusively sits on a shelf where I can still see it. Congrats on all the medals! and good luck!


  2. I bought a couple of shadow boxes to keep all my ribbons. Being a former crossrail hunter champion, I have lots, so I just stuff them in there. But I’m sure you could do something artsy with the ribbon and I don’t know, glittery crop or something.


  3. You string those ribbons across the room little a little kid because RIBBONS!!!!! AMAZEBALLS RIBBONS!!! Ans medals totally go on the mantel.

    Or a shadowbox works. That’s cool too.


  4. Good girl! No letting those gift cards getting stale in your wallet. You could start a scrapbook for all those ribbons, certificates, etc. that you don’t want to display. I have a simple 3-ring binder with plastic sleeves for my quilt pix, fabric swatches, and thread samples for each project. I think this would be a quick & easy way to rangle all your stuff. Or, you could get really fancy with a “real” scrapbook and do crafty things. Yea, right! And thanks again for all the horsey stuff you bring to my life. Dana


  5. My family gave me a bunch of Waterford crystal bowls and vases that I have zero real use for, so I fill them up with ribbons and stick them on bookshelves and desks around the house. For decoration … Or inspiration. Whatever.


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