The light at the end of the tunnel

Black Friday/Small Business Saturday/Cyber Monday is a tough weekend to be a tack ho… hoarder… connoisseur of all things equestrian. Well… it is if you’re a poor one that can’t actually afford to do any proper shopping. Compiling my sale list post is fun for me, but the downside is that I then end up going through every single link and checking out the sales. That ended up being 83 as of my final set of additions last night, btw. Good god.

What 95% of me says

What that 5% of common sense combined with reality says

I probably built a cart on at least half of those sites… so many awesome things and so many good deals. But I’ve got the vet coming tomorrow, the Buck clinic to pay for, and memberships to renew (oh and a truck to buy and trailer to finish refurbing, no big deal) so I had to rein myself in. The only order I actually placed was with Riding Warehouse. I love my merino Kastel sweater so much that I had to have the other color. Worth every penny, and a winter necessity.

Gray ❤

I feel both victorious and a bit deflated. I would have loved to have made purchases from all my favorite small businesses but alas a) as hard as it is for me to say, there’s very little I actually NEED at this point b) I just don’t have the dough. It’s been very hard to control myself, but thankfully today is the last day I have to sit on my hands. I’ve almost made it.

Except… I keep eyeballing this coat from RW. I actually DO need a nice waterproof jacket for riding in the winter (how is it possible that I own nothing suitable for rain?) and I’ve loved this coat every time I’ve seen it in person. And at 20% off it’s only $107, with free shipping. Alas, that’s $107 I really can’t spend at the moment. Someone out there who loves me: gray medium. 😉

What about everyone else? Did you escape unscathed or did you score some good stuff? Tell me what you got so I can live vicariously through others and make it through the last day…

40 thoughts on “The light at the end of the tunnel

  1. HA I had that very coat in my cart all weekend (Just placed my RW order last nite and alas removed it at the last minute). LOL but i did a couple good deals from RW. I wish i had my act together to get some xmas shopping done this weekend with all the other sales but nope didnt get my act together. Which is good for my wallet i guess 🙂 some great sales and thanks for doing all this!

    I had to really sit on my hands since i just moved to my winter barn with an indoor (YAY) but boo on my wallet. Wont be easy to impulse buy with that board check each month (BUT TOTALLY WORTH IT).

    PS buy the darn coat…:)


      1. ha if i was spending 107 i would have bought it myself for me. I did buy another jacket and hoodie but both would be too big for you 🙂 PFFT


  2. Oooooooh I had to talk myself out of the whole RW order and do damage elsewhere. Scored a bunch of Christmas presents for other people and a few necessities for myself. Your post was basically my Bible this weekend.


  3. I was not under control this weekend. I was actually the opposite of under control. I bought a lot…. And I blame you… You are responsible.

    Divoza: lorenzini stirrups and veredus open fronts
    Riding Warehouse: winter gloves, treats, likit, salt block
    Adams: back on track quarter sheet
    Herbal Horse: presents
    One Horse Threads: presents
    And my in laws bought me an Asmar winter Coat 😶

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  4. Admittedly I bought many non-horsey items throughout all the sales 😬 But like you- a lifetime of riding has accumulated more horse items than I will likely ever need or use. And since I make products I would typically buy for daily use… Well that’s a no brainer. I did the same thing as you! Your sales lists are always excellent!! Thanks for all the work you do compiling them!


  5. I haven’t bought ANYTHING, although I am seriously browsing the Horze site, since they also discount their dealer prices when they have a sale.

    That Kerrits jacket is great- we have a few in the store and they’re flattering on everyone!


  6. My biggest was the ariat v-sports from SmartPak. I’ve been riding in half chaps and paddocks full of holes just waiting for Black Friday lol. I also went to a local tack store that was having a killer sale and snagged one of the Kastel merino tops for a friend! So many good deals though, so little money.


    1. Well…I may have bought a Premiera Milano bridle, Ariat V Sport boots off of ebay for $102, and a grey Premier Equine dressage pad plus their cold water boots. I feel horrible. Kind of.


  7. I managed to do a bunch of Christmas shopping in a couple of fell swoops! Love that Black Friday is catching on in Canada too, means I can get nicer Christmas gifts for everyone! Managed to score 2 BOT saddle pads for $64 (one for my BM, the other for my barnmate who hauled my terrible loader all over hell’s half acre this symmer), a Black Knight wristlet, an Arista FOAL show shirt, a Phyllis Stein shirt, and some HSLC. My credit card hurts now…it took every ounce of self control I had not to get the beautiful merlot breeches I wanted for myself. MUST wait until boxing day! Spread the hurt a little…


  8. I had full shopping carts on sooo many of those online stores you posted, but was able to control myself to where I only purchased a Thinline pad from Riding Warehouse. Oh, and belts from C4.But it was So. Freaking. Hard.


  9. I’m still so bummed about missing on the Spooks coat sale (I HAD IT IN MY CART AND DEBATED A MINUTE TOO LONG) that I went a little… crazy at RW, Hunt Club, and HSLC. Just a little.


  10. I still haven’t bought anything from any physical store or online. The main problem? I can’t really afford anything that I want. The other two problems? I have Paypal credit and a credit card. But the main problem is I will have a hard time paying those off and I really don’t need anything. Downsides of being responsible. 😦


  11. I have a similar Kerrits Jacket. I won it from 2 years ago and I do really like it. It’s held up really well. I also have a much older Kerrits jacket that I have had for 5+ years, which is still going strong despite heavy use. They fit really well on and off the horse and I get a surprising number of compliments on them even from non horsey people.

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  12. I didn’t do too bad. I got a medium weight turnout but it’s something I was going to buy anyway and just put off to find a deal. I did end up with four more saddle pads and another set of dressage boots, in brown to match my favorite saddle pads ❤


  13. I was so strong ’til I saw your lovely list. Last First Lady GPA in my size at Mary’s $130 off, first C4 belt, breeches and gloves at RW, and a lovely set from The Herbal Horse. Thanks for compiling because I saw no other lists for equestrienne gear!

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  14. I only bought some mugs from the youth ranch on Black Friday. Then I caved on Saturday at Victoria’s Secret and Bath & Body Works. I attempted to get more horse things, but nothing quite worked out. I only got one horsey gift for a friend. Sad.


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