My grooming bucket is a TARDIS

Doctor Who fans will get the reference. For Harry Potter fans we’ll say my grooming bucket is Hermoine’s beaded handbag. And if you still don’t get that reference, I don’t think we can be friends. The point of course is that my grooming bucket must be bigger on the inside than it is on the outside, because there’s so much crap crammed in there it doesn’t seem physically possible.

Breeches and Boat Shoes posted a while back (ok, two months ago) about what’s in her grooming bag. Emma picked up on it yesterday as an unofficial blog hop, and so now here I am copycatting. For some reason I find it fascinating to see how much crap, and exactly what crap, people can and do fit into their grooming totes.

I’m not fancy enough to have an official grooming tote, I just use a small bucket that I slapped a monogram decal on. The crap inside of it falls into three distinct categories:

Actual Grooming Crap  

  • Leistner brush (I actually got this a couple weeks ago to review and am totally shocked by how I feel about it… review coming later this week)
  • cheap crappy soft brush I’ve had forever
  • jelly scrubber
  • microfiber mitt
  • tail brush
  • Ultimate Hoof Pick ❤
  • towel
  • Fungus Amongus and Heal Quick from The Herbal Horse

Other Random Crap 

  • Harcour gloves
  • dee savers
  • Pyranha
  • AluShield
  • Vet wrap
  • Scissors
  • Weight tape
  • mane knife
  • spurs
  • the Roeckl gloves that Henry destroyed yet I can’t make myself throw them away (RIP my friends)
  • black and brown flash attachments for my PS bridles
  • thermometer
  • syringe
  • Sharpie
  • pen
  • extra hair net (I have hair nets stashed everywhere, it’s a major fear that I’ll end up at a lesson or horse show and not have any)
  • Nathe
  • Duct tape: regular white and thin rainbow tie-dye
  • sunglasses

Dirt and Crap

Nice collection of hay and shavings that have been collecting for who knows how long. If nothing else, this little unofficial blog hop finally got me to clean out my grooming bucket.

20 thoughts on “My grooming bucket is a TARDIS

  1. ha i love the inclusion of ‘dirt and crap’ – obviously a critical component of any grooming kit! but yea seriously, ‘tardis’ is an understatement! that bucket looks too tiny from the outside lol


      1. HA i love the Tardis, Hermoine, and Mary Poppins references. I use all three of them quite often in my day to day world. Sad but true.

        PS ugh i finally cleaned out my tack trunk (big one) from the barn i moved to to move to the new barn. there were things in there that were just thrown away due to identification issues 🙂 LOL


  2. So much grooming equipment! I’ve decided that since I need to groom 2 horses now, I reserve the right to have lots of grooming equipment. Logical, yes?


  3. How did all of that even fit?! I am way too OCD for a bucket. But I have often wished out loud for Hermoine’s Magic purse…. I am so honored THH somehow fit in there 😉


  4. Ok, question. Is the microfiber mitt really magical, or is a white towel just as good? I’ve always used towels, but now I’m feeling like I missed the memo on it or something. Share your ways, oh grooming guru!


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