Lubed up and hairless with unicorns 

How’s that for a weekend recap title?

Henry got his fetlocks injected on Friday afternoon. With a healthy dose of sleepy juice and a twitch, he was almost not that bad about it. Almost. Not stoic, this horse. Kind of a wuss, to be honest.

He was enough of a turd about the left one that the vet was concerned about the possibility of a hematoma, so we wrapped him in Cool Cast and left him bandaged for 24 hours. I’m always super nervous the first day or so after anything like this but luckily all looked great when I pulled off the mummy wrappings. $300 worth of lube successfully transported into fetlocks. At this rate my trailer is never going to finish being refurbed.

bye bye money, I’ll miss you

On Saturday afternoon I went to a baby shower for a very good friend (we’ve been friends for almost 20 years, how scary is that?). I don’t know jack squat about babies and 99.999 times out of 100 I’d rather stab myself in the eye with a fork than go to a baby shower, but I went because it’s her. If that’s not love I don’t know what is. Also I’m no expert but I feel like I nailed her gift:

I won’t buy you diapers, but I’ll buy you vodka. Pretty sure you’re gonna need a drink after all this.

On Sunday I got on Henry for a very light w/t to see how he felt and I think it’s fair to say he’s feeling mighty fine. Where’d this fancy trot come from?

I also decided to go ahead with clip #2 of the year, except this time with some added decorations.

Yes, we have butt unicorns amidst a field of dapples. Of course, I only got about halfway through the clip before he decided he was done cooperating, so I’ll have to finish tonight.

New shoes with a new farrier today, too! Hopefully that’s the last piece of the puzzle to get Henry feeling great and ready to go.

16 thoughts on “Lubed up and hairless with unicorns 

      1. I was actually really impressed that you showed up and lasted that long. And what does it say about me that you are not the first person to give me vodka to deal with this child?


  1. I saw that you like the Lister Star clippers, I just got a pair but I unsure of which blades to clip with. I have both the mediums and the fine blades that came with it. Which ones are you using, because his hair length looks perfect for what I want?


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