2016 show plans. Kinda. Maybe?

It’s always funny when I sit down and try to make plans, because we all know how well THAT kind of thing works out. Especially with horses. It’s laughable really.

But if we don’t have plans then we’re just aimlessly wandering about, which makes life pointless. Okay maybe I’m exaggerating a bit. Point being – my OCD self definitely needs a plan, even if that plan doesn’t actually happen. And maybe I’m just filled with a false sense of confidence because our 2015 plans actually, by some miracle, worked out. Either way, here’s what I’m thinking for 2016:

Feb – PH schooling HT (Novice) or SA jumper show

March 25-26: MCP USEA HT or Curragh schooling HT (Novice)

April 23-24: Holly Hill USEA HT (Novice)

May 28: Willow Draw USEA HT (Novice)

July 14-17: Coconino Novice 3-Day in AZ (Novice)

Fall is where things get more sketchy, but:

Oct 1-2: Fleur de Leap USEA HT (Training)

Oct 22: PH USEA HT or Quail Run Farm schooling HT (Training)

Nov 5-6: Willow Draw USEA HT (Training)


If everything actually went as planned, we’d be showing in Texas, Louisiana, and Arizona. That sounds awesome to me, so things probably won’t go as planned.

Really my entire year is plotted around the Coconino N3D in July, and the idea of trying to go to venues that we haven’t been to yet. Because doing things we haven’t already done is what makes it fun, right? If Coconino doesn’t happen then maybe we’ll go to Georgia for a couple weeks instead. If THAT doesn’t happen, maybe we’ll aim for AEC in Tryon, NC.

Or, more likely, none of it will happen because I’ll be too poor from buying a truck. Details.


32 thoughts on “2016 show plans. Kinda. Maybe?

      1. I told her NC would work for me too 🙂 about a 5-6 hour drive from my dad’s in VA.. i can do that 🙂 Though I am fully willing to go to Coconino if need be. SEE WHAT I DO FOR YOU> 🙂


  1. ha i know all about how laughable even the best laid plans are… all the same tho, writing down a framework for the year (esp highlighting the big priorities) is immensely helpful when it comes down to actually fleshing out the details.


  2. Isn’t the only way to get through winter to think about spring? I am the SAME WAY and already have my show plans in my head… And asked for time off from work. That’s important too!


  3. WAIT!! I have a better idea!!! Can we convince you to do the 3Day at Rebecca Farms in Kalispell MT rather than AZ??? Its way further but trust me, its worth the drive!! Plus, lots of fun bloggers will be there to have fun with you… Think about it!


    1. Bobby and I both really really want to do Rebecca but it’s literally TWO THOUSAND MILES each way. So freaking far, there’s just no way I could do that. My budget would be tapped out before I even got Henry there!


  4. I *so* hope you make it to AZ because Coconino is awesome. My best friend growing up has competed there about 9834289 million times. However, if you end up at Chatt Hills or Tryon, those are both close to me and I’d totally be there! Also, one of my best friends from college has run prelim/one star pretty much throughout the southeast so she’s got the hook-up.
    But I mean, trucks are nice too.


  5. Plans are so satisfying to make! And then life goes and changes them all around on you.

    But I wish I lived somewhere that I could show at something called “Fleur de Leap” because that is awesome.


  6. As the organizer of the Fleur de Leap horse trials, I am super thrilled to see it on your list. And that one of your readers wants to compete at an event with a name as awesome as ours. And yes, the courses are great move up courses and the whole event is very low key, lots of fun and everyone is super welcoming.


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