Black or white?

This might be my new favorite gif of all time. It’s mesmerizingly weird.

But anyway… setting aside the MJ version of the black or white situation…

Henry has been wearing his black Majyk Equipe XC boots for over a year now. I got him black because, uh, I don’t really know. His legs are black? I’m boring? I’mย lazy about cleaning things? All of the above, I guess. I’ve always been a “match the boots to the horse” kind of thinker. Grays wear white, chestnuts wear brown, bays wear black. That’s just how it goes. Unless the horse has white legs then by all means, go nuts and get white. Or if you’re a DQ. They love white. But I don’t buy horses with lots of chrome, and I’m not a DQ.

terrified dressage face = definitely not a DQ

When Majyk Equipe sent me a pair of their new Gen 2 XC boots to try, abuse, and review, they blew my mind a little. Not just the boots themselves (which I am going to review as soon as I get my media together) but because they sent me white. I opened the box and my mind was blown. White? But my horse is plain bay. Can I do that? Do the laws of the universe allow it?

Then I thought about it and realized I’ve actually seen a lot of dark colored event horses wearing white boots on XC lately. Like… a lot. So wait a minute –ย is this a thing now? A thing that I didn’t even realize? I texted Trainer and she was like “I love white boots on dark horses, keep the white!”. Well eff me, the world has passed me by. Majyk Equipe knew. I didn’t know.

When I put the boots on Henry at first I was like “Whoa white”. And then I was like “Oh. Oooohhhh, I kinda get it. Damn Henny you fancy!”. It has grown on me a lot. I dig the white now.

What do you think? All other factors besides pure aesthetics aside… do you like white boot Henry?


Or black boot Henry?

side note: this is an old picture from May. Wow he looks A LOT different now.


45 thoughts on “Black or white?

  1. i like black myself cause i am lazy and cannot keep white clean (Plus i have a buckskin and he looks better in black imo) HOWEVER i do love a plain bay in white boots. And since you are OCD off the chart you can keep them clean. White for the win ๐Ÿ™‚

    PS Hen looks AMAZINGLY different. wow.


      1. Remus has some chrome (couple white socks) and big buckskin dapples that won’t quit. I am afraid he would be too fancy in white and his leg movement is (ahem) not the best (think hackney pony at times ๐Ÿ˜ฆ ) so black doesn’t accentuate the crazy leg movement like white would. I think Henry looks great in white though and am shocked that you have gone to the dark (HA) side with them ๐Ÿ™‚


        1. The first real test was riding with them in the black gumbo mud, letting it sit for a week, then washing them. A) machine washable is the best B) it actually all came out. As long as I can get them clean, I can handle the white. But I’ll probably use his black ones for every day and keep the whites for shows.


  2. Oh, honey – all I have is white. I was raised in a “white polos on everything for any reason” barn. Nothing makes a horse look nicer than white polo wraps. So the white boots – definitely.


  3. I definitely prefer the black, simply because I like how they blend into a bay and don’t distract from the actual horse. I tend to like simple things. Also I cannot keep white, white. No matter how hard I try. Henry looks spiffy though!


    1. ME TOO on the white. I can’t keep a darn saddle pad white how the hell am i doing that with boots that go thru mud and muck? LOL


  4. I love a dark(er) horse in white polos/boots. I also don’t spend a ton of $$ on them in case I can’t wash them and keep them white. Exactly why I don’t own BOT polos in white. It would pain me too much to see expensive polos go perma-nasty.


  5. I like both, but I like how the white stands out. My horse is plain black with only ‘s tiny white star (for half of the year anyway, then he’s a weird buckskin color) I have one white pair of wraps and one pair of black for him. I’m thinking about getting him some boots and I was debating about white v black.


  6. I love chrome! I like white boots, just not how they scuff. I think he looks flashy in the white boots. But very respectable in the black as well. For my fairly nondescript dk Bay, I had wanted to get him yellow boots (scufftastic I’m sure) but could only find them for import.


  7. I like both, but I do get a slightly larger sense of fanciness with the white. Like you, I shy away from anything white because it’s a bitch to keep clean, but Henry pulls off the white boots with style ๐Ÿ™‚


  8. I’m going to be the voice of dissent here – black all the way! Subtle and always classy, plus way easier to keep clean looking. I think the white just pops too much – my eye just wants to stare at the horse’s legs!


  9. I tend to always buy black boots no matter what color horse I’ve had because white drives me nuts because it gets so dirty so fast and it never looks the same. White baby pads all day long, but for some reason, always black boots. With that being said, I love Henry in the white boots. Henry is a handsome boy no matter what, but for some reason, i am loving him in the white boots.


  10. I tend to lean towards the black, but all of my tack is black and it’s a signature color. The white is fancier for sure. Plus think of how well it would show off fun navy and yellow taping ๐Ÿ™‚


  11. I prefer the black boots. Not only bec of the high contrast with the white, but because they tend to shorten the apparent leg length. My eye tends to stop at the top of the white boot instead of all the way down. However, I can understand how the white would show off Henry’s good form in competition.


  12. Bacon knows about the white. Her mom thought she would look like a bad ass if she wore white. Guess what, she does. You know who else is bad ass? Henry. You know who should wear white boots? Henry. BAD ASS LEVEL DOUBLED.

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  13. I destroy everything I touch, so while white may not be the best choice for me… I LOVE them on other horses, ESPECIALLY dark horses. And with plain bays, they give them a little flash, which I’m sure Henry loves. ๐Ÿ˜‰


  14. I 100% believe in matching leg gear to the horse, but in terms of movement, not colour! Plain, average movers wear black or brown to blend. Good movers wear white because it draws attention to their movement (hence, fancy). White boots/wraps are the horsey equivalent of highlighting a piece of text – it says, LOOK AT ME! Which is exactly what you want when your horse moves beautifully… and exactly what you don’t want if it trips over its own feet.


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