Philly, you’ve been warned

It’s looking like I’ll be back at AETA again at the end of the month! I had tons of fun last year, fondling all the pretty things I can’t afford.

I’ll take one of each

For those who don’t know, basically AETA’s trade show is where tons of vendors bring in their merchandise for retailers to come look at and order for their stores. Last year was pretty fun because I got to see a lot of the Spring and Fall collections well before they came out, not to mention being able to feel and touch (and sometimes try on, seriously I’m pretty sure I tried on everything Asmar makes) all the different products. It’s a dangerous place for a tack ho, but it’s also pretty heavenly.


Here’s the exhibitor list… if there’s anything in particular you want me to look at or look for, let me know and I’ll do my best to squeeze it in with my actual duties.


And Philly people, if you have any interest in a quick meet-up (maybe dinner or something?) let me know!

Unrelated side note: Hamer and Clay is now on Instagram! Go give her a follow.

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Look what I found at Grandmas #TBT #HAMERANDCLAY

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18 thoughts on “Philly, you’ve been warned

  1. Definitely let us know what horseware is coming out with- really wish they’d continue their charcoal grey line.

    But really, we wanna see ALL the new stuff…. Haha


  2. Ooooo I’m jealous. Definitely excited that Hamer and Clay is in Instagram though. Her profile picture is an ornament I ordered of my filly!


  3. the saddle fitter i’m working with has been pushing the thorogood T8 saddles pretty hard. my barn mate just bought one and loves it, so now i’m curious. it’s not exactly a luxury item… but i’d still be curious to hear your thoughts if they’re there (didn’t see them on the exhibitors list tho, so idk)

    also yea depending on timing etc i’d be down for a dinner!


  4. Requesting many pictures of all things Asmar and DeNiro. Also curious about the quality of the leather of Tucker Tweed bags in person, and whether the Huntley backpack is of similar quality and utility to the Noble Outfitters. If ya don’t mind 🙂


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