How Henry took 5 years off my life

On Monday I’m driving into the barn and see 3 of the 4 boys grazing close together in one corner of the field. Mine was not among them, which was weird, so I start scanning the pasture and see him standing up by the mare’s paddock. As I get out of my truck I see that his sheet looks like it’s flipped up on his shoulders. As I start walking up the barn I realize “Oh shit, he’s actually tangled in it” and take off running.


I have no idea how he did this but he managed to flip the whole sheet upside down, got stuck in it, tore 3 different holes, ripped off all the straps, and got his hind foot wrapped up in the binding. He was standing in his pasture with his neck basically hogtied to his hind pastern.


Luckily he was standing very quietly and just looked at me like “HEEEELLLP!!!” as I tried to figure out the best way to free him. Once I got him untangled I could tell he was freaked out, but luckily he didn’t even leave a mark on himself and trotted out sound. Thank goodness he didn’t struggle. That could have ended really badly.

The trouble horses can get themselves into…

And yes, the sheet is definitely ruined beyond all reasonable repair, the entire back half is basically shredded. Add it to the list of items that are ding-dong-dead.

36 thoughts on “How Henry took 5 years off my life

  1. o.O

    One of the most heart-stopping moments in my horse-owning life was seeing a sheet that I had buckled inadequately slip and twist as Tristan took off in turnout. It wasn’t nearly as bad as this, though, I would’ve untangled him and then had to lie down for a while!


  2. Many years ago, I went to the pasture to collect my gelding only to find him with his pony buddy’s front hoof stuck in the chest straps of his blanket. Both of them standing quietly waitinf for help. This is also the same gelding that was lying down in a temporary stall at show and shoved his leg in between one of the boards. He had to be cut out with a chain saw. Again, didn’t move a muscle. I swear our horses are going to put us in an early grave!

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  3. been there got the tshirt. UGH Dover takes everything back but I am embarrassed the amount of sheets Remus has manage to wrap all around him and shred with his feet. Not fun. Glad Henry is okay!


      1. stick them in your back pocket (HA I can remember at shows always having a pair in my back pocket) hard to sit down fast though LOL


  4. Horses – this is why we can’t have nice things. (ps SmartPak has a bunch of turnouts on sale. How do I know? Because Brasco is down to ONE strap on his turnout, and of course the chest buckles.)


        1. I liked them at first but since their ownership changed I’ve had nothing but problems. Items indefinitely backordered, things taking forever to ship, not getting a credit returned until I complained, them not offering to make a mistake on their part right until I got really pissed, etc. They’ve lost the qualities I love so much with small businesses. My money goes to Riding Warehouse now.


  5. This was his response to your post about his butt hanging out of his sheets and not getting new ones. Seriously though, that would have given me a mini stroke. I’m glad he stood stoically and didn’t hurt himself.


  6. GAWD I feel that struggle. So much.

    I’m glad he just stood there waiting for you help! One time Yankee did that when he got his foot stuck in the horse proof wire fence, whomp whomp. But he just stood there all night with his front foot stuck in the fence, not a scratch on him. Bless the horses.

    Henry sure is a cute stinker isn’t he?


  7. My Appaloosa mare did that once with a fly sheet, thankfully she was good enough about it to not panic until help came. I wish I had taken pictures, other than the binding and the straps the fly sheet itself was in shreds. That horse hated blankets, but her pink skin made it necessary. Only brand I found that she couldn’t destroy was Kensington.


  8. Oh wow, I would have been so panicked myself! Luckily, it seems like he knows when he is in real trouble and to just wait for you. My horse, while not as destructive, knows when to wait for help too!


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