Adulting is hard

Even at 32, with 14 years experience of being a supposed “adult”, there are still times when I’ve hit the limit for how much grown-up stuff I can handle at one time. These past couple weeks have taken me well beyond that limit.

It started when my car died. There’s always a trigger, isn’t there? One car dead means a) you have to buy a new car, b) you have to get rid of the old, now-dead car. But it’s not that easy, of course. Selling the old car means finding the title (which took me all of two minutes, go me with my awesome organizational skills for ONCE in my life) calling someone to come get it, negotiating a sale price, cancelling the toll tag, signing over the title, and removing said car from your insurance. That’s so many phone calls. I hate phone calls.

But the new truck is corgi approved. Or at least the center console.

Then of course the new car requires a lot of the same things in reverse except it starts with loan paperwork. OMG whyyyyyyy so much paperwork? Then insurance, toll tag, getting a new higher-rated hitch put on so it can haul my trailer, blah blah blah.  That right there is enough to explode anyone’s brain. So of course I had to take a childish moment to get a unicorn to hang from the new truck’s rear view mirror. Ah, Levity.

When brain explodes, just add unicorn

And then since the truck was officially purchased, it was time to get the trailer ready to go. I finally got it registered in my name, which was a hell of a process in itself. First I tried calling my county to ask what I needed, which involved a 35 minute hold time, a 10 minute conversation, an email, and a suggestion that I try to register it the county of the person I bought it from instead. No joke. Because my county is ridiculous and wanted me to do a thousand things which would have required an insane amount of time and money. Yeah no. So off I went, driving 1.5hrs to the seller’s county, since all they wanted from me was a bill of sale and plate number. Unfortunately I’m stupid and wrote down the wrong plate number, so I had to stand outside of the tax office and go through every single form of my social media trying to find a picture of the right plate. Instagram saved the day. Well, mostly… we had to guess a few times to get the first number.

Once the registration was done, the next thing was getting new tires put on the trailer. That required more phone calls, an appointment, and then a 30 minute wait in line regardless of the fact that I’d made an appointment. Then I got the USRider membership (yes, I caved). Then I had to buy the the actual hitch and ball (which took trial and error using barnmate’s hitches to figure out what I really needed), mats, silicone, WD-40, and all the other crap I needed to finish out the inside of the trailer. That part wasn’t so bad since no paperwork or communication with other humans was required. Communicating with humans is the worst.


Then came the last thing… having the trailer painted. Getting someone to call or email me back has proven to be a fun challenge. Or show up. Or be on time. Or just completely not leave me hanging in the wind. Or not quote me $1800 (that’s hilarious). This part is still a work in progress (we supposedly have an appointment tomorrow), but I’m kind of at the point where no shits are left to give. Spending 3 straight days working on Excel spreadsheets and charts at work hasn’t helped. Nor have my ridiculously awful attempts at trying to ride a decent 15 meter circle. I need a coloring book and some macaroni and cheese, STAT… adulting (and dressaging) is too hard.


38 thoughts on “Adulting is hard

  1. I REMEMBER how crazy it was to register a trailer in the Austin area back when i was there they did want you to jump through (expensive) hoops. Look at all you have accomplished though in a short few weeks. Truck (BOOM) Trailer (BOOM) so win win you 🙂

    I am glad the corgi approves cause you know that truck would have to be returned otherwise 🙂 HEE


  2. Yep, I feel ya. We’re about to get 28″ of snow in DC (which is ABSURD for this area, which averages maybe a foot of snow per year), and between 3 mile long lines at the grocery store (which had no bread) and the insane amount of accidents (, I gave up on adulting and just settled with whipped cream, chocolate chip cookie dough, and cab franc. Who needs water and bread anyways #hatersgonnahate #notadultingismorefun

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      1. i will actually jump thru HOOPS not to talk to people at my work. EXACTLY IF THERE is not a way to do it online EFF It i am not doing it 🙂 HEE glad so many people think the same as me!:)


  3. Sigh…the older I get, the less I want to adult. And talk to people on the phone, or in meetings, or in person. Which doesn’t bode well for my job where Skype video is becoming the norm. **I don’t WANNA video conference thankyouverymuch!!!**

    Congrats on persevering though…can’t wait to see Black Betty all gussied up!

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    1. i REFUSE to video conference (I am okay with web ex but i dont need to see you and vice versa (Esp when i am working from home in my jammies:) hee


  4. ugh booooo… hopefully once it’s all said and done you won’t remember all the pain from such a stupid ridiculous jumping-through-rings-of-fire process…


  5. I can’t lie, jumping through hoops (esp via phone) drives me CRAZY. I usually delegate these tasks to my DH, who is much more patient than I am.


  6. OOO MAC N’ CHEESE. Gimme! I am doing this dance right now, except it is with dumb ass doctor’s offices and dumb ass health insurance people. And hubs is doing it with his truck parts. So, I think I need some noodles. And pie. And beef jerky.


  7. Vehicles are just kind of a pain all around. Too bad we, you know, need them. I went through all this last summer…plus buying a house >_<


  8. Adulting sucks. Especially when things break or don’t work. Unfortunately I am a secretary, so talking on the phone is necessary. I just put it off as long as possible. What I really hate is trying to resolve issues that can only be resolved via phone. Sounds like you have gotten a lot accomplished though! I’ve been avoiding adulting for a week now. Back to real life tomorrow.


  9. Keep your eye on the prize lady!!

    I avoid (public) talking when possible. Mostly because there are so many people (clients) who are way too lazy to think, and therefore I have to monitor my facial expressions so closely.

    Mac and cheese ingredients are on the grocery list for the weekend, as well as coloring book + tv time since there’s a stupid storm coming…


  10. Anything, I mean ANYTHING, to do with cars, trucks and trailers is just the absolute WORST. Buying, selling, getting a loan, paying taxes on, registering – you name it, it sucks. Doesn’t matter what state, either – having lived in four where I had to get a driver’s license and register stuff I can vouch for that. You get the full gamut of idiotic governmental requirements, idiotic government employees, reams of confusing paperwork, etc. etc. No physical location is ever convenient or has hours a normal working human can use without burning precious PTO. Calling on the phone condemns you to endless phone trees, hold times and said idiot employees who are rarely helpful, much less courteous. Literally the only thing worse is taxes! (Okay, mortgages/home buying and selling are pretty sh*t, too)

    I applaud your perseverance in navigating this vehicular nightmare. Glad Instagram saved your butt on the tag faux pas! It’s definitely time to turn off the phone and computer and curl up with a hot beverage, mac n’ cheese, and a good book/DVD/Netflix. BLECK on adulting. Been doing it a lot longer than you and I definitely take and need my breaks!


  11. I feel you totally. My horse trailer needs a whole re-wiring job. I’ve tried fixing it myself a few times but there’s still a stupid loose connection somewhere so I know I need professional help. Unfortunately that means actually calling companies, getting quotes, figuring out how to get it in for an appointment without missing too much work etc, i.e. too much adulting. So of course I have just put off doing anything with it for the last month.
    Also, trying to transfer a bank account from one bank to another = grrr x 3 (number of times I’ve attempted it and failed so far)


  12. Eek, that’s a lot of adulting. Adulting is hard. I hate hate hate calling on things. I think it’s easier with a glass of anything adult and Mac n cheese already on board. And maybe coloring while listening to the awful music of gold purgatory…We’ve had one of our cars sitting for months cause I can’t get hubby to fix it, and don’t wanna even hear the bill from someone else doing it.


  13. Car shopping was so stressful for me. After two used cars that only lasted a couple of years each, my parents decided to help me buy a new car that would hopefully last a much longer time (spoiler: it is looking pretty sad with a mysterious when I shift clunk that nobody can figure out). It was the most stressful thing I have ever done. Paperwork, and test drives, and “ugh but this car is a super ugly “too much to drink last night” yellow color,” and a mother that had a much higher expectation than my budget allowed, etc etc. At least shopping for saddles, while frustrating, isn’t as stressful!


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