Signature Spurs

Last month during all of the awesome pre-Christmas giveaways circulating around social media, I was lucky enough to win a pair of Signature Spurs on Horse Collaborative. At first I was kinda like “cool… I don’t really need more spurs but they look nice and they’re free!”, but now that I have them and realize just how nice they are, I’m pretty stoked.

fancy gift box

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Signature Spurs, they make and sell several personalized items including stirrups, halters and nameplates, spurs, and custom whips. When I won the spurs I was very happy to find that they have tons of options to choose from, since Princess Henry will only tolerate a very small roller ball spur. You can have anything you want engraved on them and choose from three fonts (I went with my full name in Script).

The spurs by themselves are $59.95, or you can get the full package option that includes spur straps and a gorgeous embroidered velvet pouch for storage. Considering that similar spurs from Stubben or Herm Sprenger are $45-80 and these are very similar quality, the price seems fair. They arrived in a nice gift box, inside their little velvet pouch. The presentation of these is very high class (hint: GREAT GIFT IDEA) and well done.

The spurs are high quality stainless steel and engraving is expertly executed. It’s subtle enough to pass muster with even the most conservative hunter or equitation rider, and overall just a really classy way to personalize your spurs or permanently mark them so they don’t magically grow legs and disappear.

I am also really glad that mine came with the spur straps, because although this might sound odd, they are the nicest spur straps I’ve ever come across. The leather is very high quality, soft, and supple. Take the option that comes with the straps and storage bag – it’s worth it.

Happy in their new home with all of my other show stuff

These beauties will live in their velvet pouch in my tack trunk and be reserved for horse shows or other special occasions where my “everyday” spurs with their rubber straps might not be so glamorous. I love the fact that if I ever accidently leave them behind somewhere, there’s no doubt who they belong to. Hopefully this means we’ll have a long and happy relationship.

Definitely two thumbs up for Signature Spurs! Now I want a custom whip, too…


14 thoughts on “Signature Spurs

  1. So pretty! I never realized how much i needed a part of spurs with my name on them until now. Bonus points: Nobody will ride off with them! And the crop is a GENIUS idea. Beats mom’s way of putting name tags on all my stuff back when I was in riding camp lol


  2. thank you so much for this in advance . We appreciate you and our customers and potential customers so much! Grateful for you and for you enjoying our Spurs and products ! We love that fact that since we make each personalize each pair by hand we feel that #weridewithyou . We love riding with you into the ring, during lessons and in the hack. We send a blessing with each pair for your safety and luck! Mush love and thanks again. Sorry we just saw this,! Please offer your bloggers and readers and friends 15% off any purchase at until the end of August! Use code HEATMEISER at checkout! It’s our pre holiday heatwave sale! Thank you again and enjoy check out whole website cause #weremorethanspurs

    Follow us on Instagram @signaturespurs_
    And Twitter @signaturespurs


  3. We also have about 79 different styles of sours not even listed on website you can call Scott at 1-866-831-5192 he’ll walk you thru the styles the personalization and all the products;)


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