The end of the road

I’ve talked about Jezebel on and off on my blog, but for those who don’t know she was a mare that I used to ride and event in the early 2000’s. After our time together she went on to have several lovely foals, but a few years ago she found herself looking for a new home. I was not in the position to take on a broodmare but my friend Michelle (Sadie’s lessee) was kind enough to step in and take her. She did it because she knew Jezebel meant a lot to me, and for that I’m forever grateful.

Sadie to my left, Jezzy to my right

She was underweight and her feet needed major attention, but over time Michelle got her looking great again. Jez raced a good bit before she evented, so she had a decent amount of wear and tear from her years on the track. I have always known her to be a very stoic mare, so when Michelle called me and said Jez was having a really hard time getting around this winter, becoming much worse instead of better despite extra care, I said we should absolutely let her go. If that horse was hobbling, she was REALLY hurting, and I can’t stand the thought of that. We’d been hoping to make her comfortable enough to get another foal from her – she loved her babies! – but sadly it just wasn’t to be. At this point it would have been cruel.

I will always remember Jez as having had the most heart of any horse I’ve ever sat on. She was a tiger and always gave 100%. She was very sensitive and required a very tactful ride, but once Jez trusted you she would turn herself inside out to please you. She didn’t have the patience for dressage, but she never met a cross country fence she couldn’t conquer. She was a big, stout, old-fashioned type of horse that truly embodied everything a Thoroughbred really should be – a type that is becoming exceedingly rare.

Yesterday Jezebel was laid to rest on the new cross country course that is being built at Michelle’s facility. Now she will forever be surrounded by and a part of the thing she loved most. Happy trails, Jezzy… thanks for the ride.


42 thoughts on “The end of the road

  1. i am sorry for your loss (and Michelle’s too) and have loved hearing Jezebel stories over the years. But the best thing we can do is let them go when they start suffering. Glad she is at peace.


  2. I am so sorry for your loss. Winter is such a tough time for the older ones… I’m glad she’s running pain-free in her beloved cross-country fields.


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