How’s that working out for ya?

I figured at some point I should circle back around and give updates to the things I’ve reviewed, since things sometimes change over time. I’m on my way to Philly today for AETA, so the timing seemed perfect for this post. There have been a lot of things that I’ve reviewed, so I’ll try to keep it brief. Also, PSA: Riding Warehouse has a winter clearance sale going on! I think the code diy15 still works for an extra 15% off but if not you can always use LIKE10 for 10% off. Go forth and purchase.



Tuffrider Sport Dress Boots

Still love these things and wear them every day. Despite being super cheap they’ve held up well and are by far the most comfortable boots I’ve ever had. My only complaint is that they’ve dropped a lot and are a bit too short on me.

Aztec Diamond Equestrian breeches

Still my favorites, although my latest pair seems to run smaller than my first two pairs. The fabric has held up fabulously well though, the only evident wear is tiny bits of the silicone cracking on the left knee of my oldest pair.

Aztec Diamond Equestrian show shirt

I just found myself not ever wearing short sleeve show shirts so I ended up selling this. I need the cuff sticking out, I was an H/J’er for too long to handle bare wrists no matter how practical.

Kastel Denmark sunshirts

Very devoted loyalist to Kastel, my collection is pretty ridiculous by now. My first ones are definitely starting to look worn but they’re holding up well considering I wear them almost year round.

Mondoni Kingston brown field boots

I find myself not wearing these very much anymore, mostly because I need to re-dye and do a better job of sealing the color this time. I didn’t really do that last time and they’ve worn and faded. This is on my to-do list.

Horseware Competition Jacket

Sold this when I bought my Equiline coat. It was a good entry level coat but I adore my Equiline.



Tack & Equipment

Leistner Prinz brush

I’m still weirdly obsessed with this thing, it truly is amazing. I accidently picked up the wrong brush one day and was like “wtf, did my magical unicorn brush suddenly lose all of it’s powers?” before I realized my error. I solved that problem by immediately throwing away the old non-magical brush. Two more Leistner brushes have joined the collection now – to be reviewed soon.

Noble Outfitters Ringside Backpack

Still adore and use daily.

Stirrup Showdown: MDC vs Royal Rider vs fillis

I finally caved and bought the navy Lorenzinis when they were on super sale at Divoza, which I need to review.

Majyk Equipe XC boots

Still a huge fan.

PS of Sweden High Jump bridle

I sold this when Henry went through his “OMG there’s a flash, I can’t possibly breathe or put my head down or go forward” phase. Which isn’t really a phase so much as just what he does now, hence why I’ve ditched all my flashes. Still sad about selling this though, I kinda wish I’d held on to it anyway even though I would never use it.

PS of Sweden Flying Change bridle

Still have, still use, still really happy with. I use it for every day and for shows and its holding up well to the abuse.

Ogilvy Equestrian jumper half pad

Henry still likes his Ogilvy pads (we use one for dressage now as well) therefore so do I.

Bobbigee’s custom baby pads

I’m still using a couple of these in my regular rotation and they’re aging nicely. Especially compared to the Wilker’s that fell apart in it’s first wash.

The Battle of the Breastplate

I’m now on to yet another breastplate – I bought the PS of Sweden 3 point when Henry gained a lot of weight/muscle and outgrew his 5 point. Mostly I bought the 3 point because I wanted to try their other style, since I was having to size up anyway. Still need to review the new one.

PS of Sweden quarter sheet

Someone will have to pry it out of my cold dead hands, even if it’s a bit too small for Henry now.

If the Bonnet Fits – custom fly bonnets

Love mine! It remains the best value I’ve seen on the market.



Other Stuff

Best. Cheap. Stuff.

It’s still the best cheap stuff, no doubt.

The Herbal Horse fungus salve

THH fungus salve AND the THH Heal Quick salve both have a permanent place in my tack box.


13 thoughts on “How’s that working out for ya?

  1. three or four things on your list i realize i have bought cause you have bought. Either I stalk you a lot or i must trust your judgement. Love the tuffrider boots (cheap yes but ridiculously comfy!) I might pick up another pair i love them that much. And the PS Sweden stuff(My wallet is still mad at you for turning me on to that 🙂 Your 5 pt is in my tackroom (Thank you VERY MUCH) my PS Sweden Revolution everyone still asks where i got it. I have the Equipe boots, I got the MDC stirrups you recommended (and they are like your quarter sheet someone would have to kill me to get them away from me, no more sore legs or ankles. AMAZING:)) OH MY GOD I AM ALMOST A STALKER 🙂

    Text me later! Wait till you see all the snow still up here 😉


  2. It’s because of you I’m obsessed with the high jump bridle. I don’t even have a horse, but I keep stalking the used tack groups in case one pops up at a price I can’t say no to!


    1. i am telling you once you go PS Sweden you wont go back!! I had the Flying Change but it was too coarse on my fat QH Buckskin so i sold that to a local friend and bought the Olympic which i love (it is gorgeous and refined but still has all the features I love). I even have professional riders asking me where i got my bridle from when i am in clinics 🙂 You will LOVE IT (Ha and buy a horse once you get one). It is worth it so much. My horse is totally different in one of these and I have a friend who has three (Not even Amanda:) and their horse is totally different too (In a good way for all:))


  3. I found a too good to pass up deal on the PS of Sweden Flat Out Revolution on ebay. It wouldn’t have been my first choice for a PS bridle, but for under $100 with reins, it was a really good deal. I’ve only used it a few times, but my horse seems to like it. The clips on the reins are really handy. My two tiny complaints would be: 1) the throat latch that came with it had no holes punched in it, so I’ll have to do that at some point so it’s usable. 2) The bit sometimes sits a little funny with the clips, but its easy to adjust. For the quality of the leather I’m not sure I’d pay the full price (I am pretty certain its an older bridle from prior to the re design), but for $99 including shipping, it’s great.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. If I won the lottery…
    There’s been a hot pink Kastel sunshirt on a FB group that I’ve been eyeing for weeks now, and if they drop the price past $50 I may just bite thanks to your glowing reviews (my credit card doesn’t say thank you)!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. The DIY15 code is good through January 31st. I checked. How are you liking your vest? I’m going to do a review on mine soon and I think you bought the same as me.


  6. i wish more people did this – its fun to write reviews when its new and shiny but im always curious if things stand the test of time.

    your ogilvy pad review is really helpful, im thinking of getting one for my dressage saddle but im worried about it being too thick


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