A Whole New World

It’s amazing how fast my schedule fills up when I suddenly have the ability to go wherever I want, whenever I want. Truck and Trailer, I love you.

I love going place with friends… that’s fun, of course. But I also like going places alone. I like driving, I don’t mind the solitude, and Henry of course is a bit more focused on ME when he doesn’t have any friends with him.

Last weekend I went to Houston for a jump lesson, and I’m going again this weekend.

Then the weekend after that is XC schooling.

Then the weekend after that is an indoor eventing thing. I’m intrigued by this concept, so I must go try it myself.

After that I need a dressage lesson (although look at all the other options that weekend…)


because next up on the docket there’s an eventing derby, which I’m pretty excited about

Here’s a hint as to why. Eventers will get it.

and a Combined Test the weekend after.

It’s kind of amazing how many things I can do now. I made a master list of every event, combined test, derby, schooling h/j show, schooling dressage show, open schooling, etc for the year within a 4 hour drive and it’s literally a 6 page Word document. SIX. That’s 6 pages full of things to choose from in whatever way my little heart desires.

Henry is a great traveler and I figure since we are only going to do one or two recognized events before Coconino, getting as many cheap miles as possible isn’t a bad idea. Especially right now when the weather is nice (the entire 10 day forecast is 73-83 degrees), because we all know how fast that can change. We shall go forth and conquer all the things and hopefully come out more seasoned on the other side.

When you’re suddenly handed the world and a bajillion different options, how do you choose what to do? Obviously budget is the limiting factor, but what about beyond that?

(and yes, you just got Zoolander’d and Aladdin’d all in the same post)



23 thoughts on “A Whole New World

  1. Very cool! It really is great being able to haul yourself places. I am so much more likely to hop in and hook up and do an impromptu schooling or lesson etc knowing i dont have to follow anyone else’s schedule 🙂 Glad you bit the bullet and got the truck and trailer!! YAY you and Henry. But boy that looks like a busy schedule. OF course since the high up here this weekend is going to around 12 (YES 12 degrees one day) I may just be jealous way jealous. 🙂 enjoy!! Ps is that a new header to this page? Looks sharp!!

    PPS that jump may have made me throw up a tiny bit. LOL


  2. I’m super stoked for you! I hope the derby goes fabulously at Training. I’m rather jealous of being able to school x-country. I’m signed up for a clinic in May and it could very well still snow on us


  3. Amanda this is what I do. Kruiser is a bit of a delicate flower. Therefore he can’t travel every weekend. At the beginning of the season, I decide what I want to do show wise. Then I think about what I need to do to accomplish those goals. I try and get all prep work done well before the first HT. So I took him once Novice at a schooling HT. That was successful. No need to do that again. Schooled him at MCP since he has been a bit of an idiot there in the past. He was great and even schooled some Training level. Check that one off. Where is our weakness – dressage. Going to a dressage to practice warming up and riding tests. Scores not important because that’s not our goal. My points goal this year in CTHJA open jumpers but in reality it’s his first year so I will be happy with solid, clean trips regardless of placing. My goal in the USEA HT is to have fun and have both of us stay on task in dressage – the jumping is the icing. So my advice to you is pick a goal, work on your weak areas, don’t wear Henry out and have fun!!😊


  4. I am incredibly jealous of all your “early year” options. There is literally NOTHING here from end of Feb-May. MAY. Come on, it warms up in March, this is cruel. However, so close to the KYHP, there are SO many options come May that I can never decide. Generally its budget based. How much will the actual show cost me? Then, whats the travel time? Anything under 2 hours is good, anything else, Bacardi anxiety kicks in or Monica Tiredness becomes a factor. And of course, gas to said destination. Lastly, what are out short and long term goals? Do I want to do an Event at the end of May? if so, we MUST XC school and go to a dressage show, OR take a few lessons here and there. Not spend the weekends trail riding for free. I also try to haul a friend for gas help and sanity reasons ( I LOATHE driving alone)


    1. But I’m jealous that you guys actually get to do things in the summer (and are so close to KHP), whereas we’re pretty much on lockdown from June-August lol. Hence why we’re traipsing all the way to Flagstaff in July…


      1. This is true, and something I took/take for granted when I lived in MO (there was NOTHING in MO). Now that I’ve moved back to southern OH I’m overwhelmed with the summer/spring possibilities.


  5. ahhh what a good feeling – super jealous of your excellent weather!! i’m eagerly filling up my document of potential events too… but realistically things won’t start getting interesting until april (at least for outdoor stuff).

    also – that indoor eventing thing sounds AWESOME! is your helmet cam working yet?!?


  6. This kinda sorta almost makes me wish I had a truck and trailer, but I dislike driving a sedan because other drivers worry me and I get so bored. So I’m going to say I am not a great candidate for driving my own pony all over the state. Haha. I’m so excited for you though.


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