Can’t Quit You

I have a really lovely dressage saddle, I can’t deny that. My Childeric is nicely made, fits me and Henry well, and is comfortable to ride in. I got a really good deal on it, and since it’s dye job and copious amounts of TLC, it looks as nice as it rides.


But I also kind of feel like I’m cheating on it, because I can’t stop thinking about Trainer’s Devoucoux Loreak that she let me borrow for a few weeks last fall. Anyone who has ever sat in “The Saddle” (whatever that may be for you) will understand what I mean when I say that it really doesn’t matter how nice anything else is – nothing is the Loreak.

Clouds parted. Angels sang.

The Loreak is the only dressage saddle I’ve ever felt 100% comfortable in. The only one where it felt like my leg hung naturally where it was supposed to. The only one where it required no actual thought or effort to sit up. The only one where I felt like I might almost be semi-competent. And, naturally, it’s the dressage saddle that Henry moved absolutely the best in, by far, ever. Of course Henny loves D3D panels and a shoulder cutout. OF COURSE HE DOES. Not really a surprise considering how much he loves my CWD with a very similar tree and panel design.

The problem of course is that the Loreak is like $7k. Yes, a 7 with three 0’s after it. I know, I’m laughing too. Even used prices in the US are $3500-5500. Never ever happening. Ever. So I have my Childeric and I’m trying really hard to apply the “if you can’t be with the one you love, love the one you’re with” philosophy. But every time I sit in the Childeric I keep having lustful thoughts about the Devoucoux. Surely I’m not the only one that has fallen madly in love with a saddle I can’t afford?


I have a running search going on all my favorite European used saddle sites for a cheap Loreak. After all, I got my CWD for $1050, so miracles DO happen. And in fact, in the past few weeks a couple of Loreaks have come along for under 2,000 Euro. Things like that get my brain thinking “I wonder how much I could get for the Childeric…”.


That thought will have to live in the back of my mind for a while, because there’s no room in the budget for a trade-up like that unless I came across something so ridiculously cheap that selling the Childeric cancelled it out. Stranger things have happened, but I’m not holding my breath. And until that day comes…

Ironically, this is the same way Bobby feels about me

31 thoughts on “Can’t Quit You

    1. This could be a line out of a horsey romance novel. It would be perfection. Let’s do a comments madlib novel writing session!

      Back on topic: I felt like I was a magic person riding in my trainer’s CWD jump saddle. I haven’t found that dressage saddle yet but… I’m sure I will, and then will cry equally sad tears that I can’t afford that one either.


  1. I 100% understand this after riding a friend’s custom Blue Ribbon. So much silver, so much money, Holly so poor. Also horseless, but details.


  2. up until riding Pig in Austen’s saddle and my dressage trainer’s horse in her saddle, i had never ridden in a dressage saddle other than my bates isabell. and i’m trying to forcibly forget that it ever happened haha, by repeating to myself “my bates is fine. my bates fits the mare – they even share a name for chrissakes. i do not need another dressage saddle when mine already fits. i need a JUMP saddle that fits….”


  3. I am really pretty glad that I am currently partaking in a discipline that requires only one set of tack.

    Once you sit in the French brands… Can’t go back… I’ll keep an eye open… You neeeeeeeed it.


  4. I’m so lucky that Stinker and I have slightly lower taste… But the butt wants what the butt wants. It really is a magical feeling when you find the saddle.


  5. In an effort to one day be united with the Sommer that’s on consignment at work, I’ve hidden it in the 16.5″ dressage saddles section where no one ever looks. I sit in it daily and fantasize about the day I can afford it. And then I cry. 😥

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  6. I’ve never even seen that saddle. Its gorgeous. I can see why angels sung. My current saddle is a county and I’m relatively pleased with it. Its not perfect, but works. Someday I will find a better one, but until then…County ❤


  7. I loved my Voltaire saddle. It came nowhere near fitting my horse, so it was sold. My horse has had a dressage saddle and an AP saddle, neither one of which I liked very much (even though they were fine), so they have been sold.

    We’ll likely be shopping English made saddles, if we ever shop, due to the need for wool flocked. My horse has an asymmetric back and foam likely just won’t work that well. French saddles are amazing though.


  8. Disclaimer: I am writing this on my phone from the driver’s seat of my car in the barn parking lot. Next to me on my passenger seat are 3 Antares dressage saddles.

    I gave up/gave in. And I am seriously wondering why I didn’t just take up a sport that has one set of tack. How stupid am I?

    Pony: $1300 including shipping from FL, so free.
    Saddles owned to date: 10
    Current saddles: 5
    Saddles that fit: 1
    Total investment: 10x cost of pony

    I think I am doing this wrong.


  9. I found my Stepmom a “used” Hermes Brasilia from $2800 a few years ago. It couldn’t have been sat in more than twice; it didn’t even have a mark from the leathers. So there’s hope for you!


  10. I finally found a western saddle for Sydney, except it is a pretty exclusive brand. I got a good deal on mine, but was thinking I may eventually want to upgrade to a show version. Ha! Their prices START at $4000 for the very bottom no frills models. Used they go for around $2500 on up. So much for that.


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