That’s Just Weird

Something strange has been going on here lately. The last 5-6 dressage rides I’ve done with Henry have been… like… pretty decent. And not just decent for us (our standards are lower) but decent in a normal, general sense.

Nothing about us is normal

I don’t know if it’s because I’ve been doing our dressage rides out in the field

Henny love field

or because it’s been warm and therefore he’s a bit more, ehm, rideable

Henny hot

but I’ve actually been able to use BOTH of my legs… AT THE SAME TIME. Not only that, he’s been letting me ride him into the contact. Legit IN the contact, no faking. I keep thinking “Oh, so this is what it’s like for normal people to do dressage. This is way better.”. It’s amazing how much easier everything is when you’re able to use all your aids. 15m circles happen. Decent transitions happen. Lengthenings happen. Stretchy circles happen. I actually had to keep both legs on in our canter squares or he’d break to trot.

The only thing I seem to give up a little bit is the lateral movements. Henny no move sideways when Henny chill. Whatever, man. I’ll take the rest.

Does my ass look fat in this?

$20 says it all goes flying out the window this afternoon when I pull into Dressage Trainer’s barn for a lesson, and when we trot up centerline on Sunday, but hey… it DOES exist in there somewhere, sometimes.

Side note: it’s amazing how fast I fall out of horse show mode. Last year we were showing pretty much every month until October and I always had all my stuff organized and ready to go. Last night I spent 20 minutes looking for my white breeches… they were still hanging in the laundry room… where I left them in October…

31 thoughts on “That’s Just Weird

  1. Yay for good rides! Hopefully the lesson goes better than expected. 🙂

    My horse surprised me by being reasonable in the grooming area and the indoor arena the other night. Two places he threw a total fit last time. Being alone is scary.

    When will the Winston contest winners be announced? 🙂


  2. He’s probably planning something. Based off the first picture, he may have gotten a taste for blood (looks like a hand in his mouth), so he wants to lure you into a false sense of security until l he can unleash his rampage upon society. He is waiting for the right moment.


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