Revolution in helmet cam technology

I love my helmet camera. Well… I love the video from my helmet camera at least. The camera itself is big, bulky, heavy, and sometimes a fairly large pain in the butt to wear and operate. I deal with it for the sake of having the videos, but it does leave a lot to be desired. So when I came across the Cambox ISIS, I was pretty excited.

spot the cameras

This thing is genius. First, it’s designed specifically for a helmet. The Cambox has a flat profile to fit across the front of your helmet, under the brim. It can even flex to match the shape. It has a 170 degree lens and a 40 degree tilt so you can choose exactly what view you want. It only weighs 38 grams (just over an OUNCE). It even comes in colors and you can have your name 3D printed on it so it doesn’t get lost. Leave it to those Europeans.


I have to think that something like this would be safer in a fall than a larger Go Pro or even the mid-size cylindrical shaped cameras. There’s so little to it… much less to get in the way between your head and the ground. In fact, they have a whole page on their website dedicated to the safety aspect. I’ve never been thrilled with attaching a brick to the front of my helmet (which also makes my helmet more likely to slip down a bit in front).


But what’s the quality like? The description says “Produces a high definition image with 1,280 x 720 pixel resolution; captures 30 pictures per second;ย  video sensor with 5 million pixels; output in AVI format compatible with most software. HD microphone with integral filter captures even the smallest sounds. Integral lithium-ion battery offers 90-minute operating time and recharges with USB charger. Micro SD memory card slot supports memory card sizes from 4GB to 32 GB. 8GB memory card included.”

So, video quality-wise, it’s about the same asย my Go Pro. The only thing I don’t love is the operating time: 90 minutes with a full charge isn’t that long. It would probably work for most uses though. The price tag is around $290, which puts it in the lower-mid end of the typical GoPro price range.

Needless to say, I’m super intrigued. I need this thing in my life, STAT. Ya know… whenever I have money to burn. It also seems like such a small, sleekย design would open up the world of helmet cameras to more disciplines and make it easier/less hideous for most people to wear. What say you, public?



36 thoughts on “Revolution in helmet cam technology

  1. I saw this a couple of weeks ago and I’m ready to trade in my GoPro! Way less bulk than the GoPro which I often leave at home purely because of the weight. I think I would use this one a lot more. Can’t wait for a full review!


  2. omg i havent gotten a helmet cam bc i am terrified of my helmet slipping around on xc from the weight. i would probably rip it off mid course. but THIS i would wear!!!

    oh dear…


        1. ha i forget to breathe mostly. ๐Ÿ™‚ so my almost passing out and falling off said horse would be captured perfectly! LOL


            1. My horse spooked and dumped me when I was taping once. It’s the best footage, you can watch my hands flailing trying to hang on to anything and everything. Somehow I knocked the camera off and so all you can see is sky until you see me appear in the frame walking through to catch my horse…

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  3. looks like a great camera and you could go in halfsies with someone if you really didnt want to pay the whole fee for it. I look forward to seeing many more videos if you get this one. I am pretty sure it is Amanda proof ๐Ÿ™‚


  4. Super cool! Is it waterproof? Or at least water resistant? Can’t wait for your review! (Seriously, you will have it, we all know you will have it sooner than later!) LOL


  5. I’ve been debating getting a helmet cam and just couldn’t make myself slap a big bulky object on my head. I can totally get behind these.


  6. Love it! I’ve wanted a helmet cam but never got around to getting one bc I didn’t like how bulky they look on your helmet in pictures. I can totally get behind this and would buy this in a heart beat! Crap why didn’t I find out about this before my birthday??? Haha ๐Ÿ˜‰


  7. These are awesome! Would make an excellent gift for a certain adventure-seeking, horseback riding, mountain biking boyfriend of mine…. ๐Ÿ™‚


  8. Nobody would ever watch footage of my rides because they are boring as get out, but if they were interesting I’d wear one of these. I’d never ever ever strap a gopro on my helmet, but this design is pretty awesome.


    1. It attaches with a big ass thing of heavy duty adhesive backed velcro. So it would probably require some muscle and a healthy application of Goo Gone to remove it completely from the underside of the brim, I’m guessing.


  9. inneresting!! i def like the lower profile look, and especially the light weight aspect. my helmet cam doesn’t bother me at all looks-wise, i kinda dig the side profile and it’s quite a bit sleeker (imo) than go pros. but the uneven weight from side to side is definitely noticeable for the first 10 or so min that i wear it… not a big enough problem to replace at present, but i’ll be eager to explore this next generation type stuff for my next camera!


  10. I’ve used a Polaroid cube before.. at the price point of $99, way more economical than a GoPro. I got it at a time I wasn’t doing a lot of jumping, unfortunately, and have since moved from the barn with all the jumps to my backyard. But it had a nice strap that i easily wore like a headband around my helmet with no issues: very light as well. Before I got the strap, the base is magnetic: so I put it through my half chaps and my clothes. That felt a little less secure.. and wouldn’t recommend it, heh. But offered some different views!

    I will say the slim design is very intriguing: but price point is probably only good for those that do a lot of interesting things. Me and my hunter jumper lessons will stay with our $99 camera.


  11. Since I have serious trouble getting any kind of media, this seems like a no brainer to me! I’m thinking maybe this will be my splurge with my bonus this year…


  12. We have them in the store and I can tell you first hand it seems really well made. It really does change its bend to accommodate your brim shape, it pretty cool how low profile it is. If my rides weren’t boring hunter rides I’d get one!

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  13. Oh, these look fantastic! SO and I were discussing getting one of the newer low-end GoPro models to play with, but this is intriguing. Wonder if I can mount it to things other than a helmet. Like the dog. Hmm.


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