Quinn the barn dog

Quinn doesn’t get to come to the barn with me a lot, mostly because a) he has no horse sense b) he’s deaf, so I get nervous with him out in wide open spaces. But on Saturday he gave me those big sad eyes as I was getting ready to leave, so I let him come. And thank goodness I did, because what a helper he is.

First he helped me put the new reflectors/decals on the trailer (you can tell since they’re crooked).


He made sure that the couple of stray rocks in the barn aisle were not, in fact, edible.

He looked at me like this when I gave Henry cookies.

And then Henry looked at me like this when I gave Quinn one of his cookies.

They told each other funny stories at my expense:

And then she said “OW HENRY STOP IT”




Oh hey, there you are…

He guarded the gate…

while looking really adorable. Because that’s what corgis do.

When it was time to go home he gave me those sad, hopeful eyes again

and then sat on the couch like this for the rest of the afternoon.

Maybe he’ll get to come to the barn more often.

29 thoughts on “Quinn the barn dog

  1. Gah, I can’t stand the cute!!! There were so many corgis at the show this weekend, I kept trying to lure one back to the truck to steal. Someday, little corgis, someday!


  2. omg those faces!!! hahaha… it’s faces like those that convince me i definitely *do not* need to know what my animals are thinking of me at any given moment lol


  3. Quinn is adorable! But I hope that you don’t let him ride in the passenger seat – if there were a collision, he would be crushed to death by the airbag (deploys at 300 miles an hour). You know that you wouldn’t allow a small child to ride in the front passenger seat, for that reason. Safest for small dogs is in a crate in the back seat. What to do in a truck that isn’t a crew cab, I’m not sure. I think the airbag can be disabled, but still the dog should be in some kind of restraint, because it could be thrown through the windshield or out the door. You can get harnesses that can be attached to the seat belt. Our furbabies are worth it.


      1. Good! I’m on a sort of crusade about this. I see so many people letting the dog ride in the passenger seat, or held on someone’s lap, or even looking out the driver’s window; i.e., sitting on the driver’s lap!!!! :o(


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