The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Yep… it’s breeding season. I’m even more excited than usual because I actually have some personal investment in this particular season, with Sadie being bred to Mighty Magic for my future eventer. But besides Sadie, my friend Michelle at Willow Tree Farm has a few other really awesome pairings happening this year too. I’m playing the role of auntie, which I assigned to myself. Mostly because I just really really like baby horses. Sue me.


First – mine. I can pretty much guarantee that I’ll never ask it to jump the kinds of things that Mighty Magic has jumped, but if it has that kind of talent I wouldn’t mind. It’ll definitely be bay or brown since MM is homozygous, which makes me happy since dirt colored is my favorite. A little bit of face white would be nice too. I won’t even sit here and say whether or not I want a colt or a filly… whichever. I’ll be thrilled with anything as long as it’s healthy.


The Emerald x Lissa baby is probably the most exciting on paper. Lissa herself did the Grand Prix all the way through 1.50m, and of course Emerald is one of the best showjumpers in the world right now. Someone is going to get a ridiculously nice baby from these two; I’d be shocked if this one doesn’t sell in utero. Pretty good chance for bay with some chrome, too.


The Balou x Laken is pretty interesting too, being that Laken’s pedigree is so stacked with big name jumpers (Heartbreaker, Cassini, and Pikadero to name a few). Balou needs no introduction by now. Another bay with chrome maybe? Or chestnut. Or gray. Lots of possibilities with this one but 100% chance of cute and scope.


And last but not least: something more pint-sized. Penelope is hopefully getting a bit of a size upgrade with a dose of Carracci. Little mare can jump, so I would expect that someone will get a really nice little sportscar of a mount from this cross. And also probably dark coated with chrome.

Maybe Michelle will end up with a pasture full of chromey bay babies in 2017? The one with the least amount of chrome being mine, of course. A girl can dream. Which one do you want? All of them except Sadie’s will be for sale I believe.

Let breeding season begin!



26 thoughts on “The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

  1. Holy crap all of them sound amazing. I’ve been really interested in the Emerald babies, although personally I love the sports car type. I feel like when it comes time for me to actually go shopping it’s going to be a bit tough to find someone who has purposely bred something for the 16h and under range, so this gives me hope!

    Also, bay with chrome is the best! And crossing fingers and happy thoughts for your future black dot 🙂


  2. that’s gonna be one world-class field of young ‘uns haha – your friend must be so excited. obvi tho we’re all dying to see how the MMxSadie cross works out!! fingers crossed for everything going to plan safely and easily!


  3. um i want the balou x laken baby.

    balou du rouet is my absolute favorite. i dont think any of his line could event i think theyre a bit too hot for xc their brains would explode (please please correct me if you know a balou line that events). but if i got into jumpers again HOLY GOD THATS WHAT I WANT



  4. I love the Balou du Rouet lines,. I’ve definitely known several that had him in their pedigree that were actually really amateur friendly, so I’m excited to see that combo.


  5. OOooooOOOOh. Please add that Balou x Cassini mare baby to my shopping cart, thanks. I bet that one’s going to be really nice. (Tucker’s half-brother is by Pikadero, so it would be a family thing.)


  6. I admit to not really understanding breeding season, because then you have babies, and I really, REALLY like grown-up horses with basic skillz like leading and ground manners and WTC under saddle and stuff. HOWEVER. I would totally take the baby from any of those matches. In about 6 years, lol!


    1. BAY-BEESSSS!! Horse, not human of course. Human babies are terrifying. But horse babies are fun and cute. Until they’re like 7 months old, then just kind of pretend like they don’t exist until they’re 3-4. “No, I have no idea who’s donkey that is in my pasture…”

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  7. Omg! I’m soooo jealous!! lol I had plans to breed my mare last year but she passed un-expectantly before we ever put our plans in motion. I can’t wait to see how all these babies turn out! and watch them grow up 🙂


  8. I’d take any! I’m interested to see the emerald x lisa baby bc how could that not be wow? But I have my own heart set on a Stroller-esque little hot spring of a horse (I like Penelope that is).


  9. Well, if I can’t have the Sadie baby, add me to the virtual want-y list for the Penelope baby – pony/small horse sized is perfect for me!


  10. Depending on the temperament of the mare, I’d probably like the Balou X Laken foal. More amateur friendly, and there are so many really nice Balou and Cassini hunters out there, a mixed pedigree would probably be fab! 😉


  11. I’d totally want the Balou baby. I find breeding super interesting so I am excited to see what happens! Unfortunately the whole throw in the pasture for 4 years thing kills my joy


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