Blog Hop: The Horsewoman’s Handbag

A few weeks ago I bought a new purse. This is a rare occasion for me. I really don’t give a crap about handbags and tend to carry the same one until it dies. In fact, I only bought a new one because the handles on the old one were about to crack in half. And of course, you know what happens when you buy a new purse… you have to clean out the old one.


When I unceremoniously dumped the contents of my old purse into a heap on the kitchen table for cleanout/transfer, I couldn’t help but think “This is a really weird collection of crap”. Most of the weird items were horse-related things that I’d have a hard time explaining to a normal person. Surely I’m not the only one? What weird horse stuff do you have lurking in your purse?


My findings:

  • a Carat Cake that I bought in December and carried with me for 2 months just so I could give it to Henry on his birthday
  • a flathead screwdriver (you know how many things you can use that for? emergency hoof pick, emergency hitch pin, emergency weapon if someone tries to mess with my horse… or actual screw driving, I suppose.)
  • a twine cutter
  • 4 peppermints
  • dryer sheets (this counts as a horse item because I don’t go anywhere during “static season” without them… don’t want to shock the pony!)
  • an unopened package of hairnets
  • 4 CWD logo patches
  • 3 dressage test score sheets


We’re weird people.

26 thoughts on “Blog Hop: The Horsewoman’s Handbag

  1. I am also guilty of carrying around I think six or eight CWD patches. I have no idea what to do with them. I don’t want to be “That Guy” but I also like them.


  2. umm i think YOU are a weird person (amiright Bobby?? LOL) but funny anyway. SO you didnt give Hen his cake after carrying it around? LOL 🙂


    1. me too i went with a wallet type purse a few years ago. OF Course that makes my truck the ‘hold all of all” LOLLOL seriously my truck looks like a walking Walgreens! 🙂


      1. Someone (a non horse person) got in my truck the other day and was like “Why do you have a can of WD-40 in here?”. I just looked at him and was like “For my trailer.”. He didn’t understand how that was an explanation. I didn’t understand how it wasn’t.

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            1. not only wd40 but tire gauge, advil, extra baseball hats, winter hats (even tho its 79 today) gloves (riding and winter!), my 1K helmet and boots are in the back trunk part of my truck along with clean saddle pads etc.). OMG This is a whole nother blog but jeez i have a lot of crap in there HA…or maybe its time to clean my truck out. NOT to mention an extra dog leash AND lead line both 🙂 ummm maybe i should carry a bigger purse 🙂


  3. On more than one occasion I have emptied my pockets in a meeting and embarrassingly dumped out several handfuls of wilted carrot bits that I use to bribe Murray to do various things. I bite carrots up into little pieces so I get more mileage per carrot, so my boss calls them “pre-masticated carrot pieces”.


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