DANGER, Will Robinson!

This past weekend Charlotte’s Saddlery had a sale. Normally I’m pretty good about staying away from sales like this, because why tempt myself, but that $20 gift certificate that I won at the indoor eventing thing just happened to be for Charlotte’s. So naturally when I got the sale flyer I was like “perfect, I can go grab a few things that I need and see what else I can’t live without!”. I should also mention that the show we were supposed to go to this past weekend got rained out, so I might have been in need of a little… therapy.

I actually had a plan beforehand. I was only going to buy things that I genuinely needed, and then if they had any white breeches that looked promising I’d try them on, or if they had a navy Kastel in my size I would buy it. See how good I’m being?

taking a moment to mentality prepare for the attack

Luckily for my wallet their white breeches selection was thin. I didn’t like the fabric of the Romfh’s, I already know from experience that I don’t like Pikeur’s enough to justify the price (even at 20% off), and TS are just a no for several reasons. So, I was safe there. I would have tried on the cheap Ariat breeches in Mulberry if they’d had my size, but I was safe there too. None of the show shirts on the sale rack grabbed me. No Ogilvy square pads, so I breezed right through that section too. They did have Kastel’s on sale, but no navy. Womp womp. I picked up a fancy navy with white piping grooming tote, tried to explain to myself why I needed a $30 tote instead of the $5 bucket I currently use, failed, and put it back. I paused at the saddles long enough to take this picture for Bobby (because BAM saddle in his colors) but before I knew it I had passed all the way through the “fun” side of the store. Womp womp again.

Bobby needs red and black leather

I grabbed fly spray, dewormer, and a salt block, my only actual “need” items at the moment. Now I was starting to feel a little panicked. Originally I wanted to be good and not spend much money, but now I didn’t want to be the person that came into a sale, found $20 worth of stuff, and paid for it with a $20 gift certificate. Don’t be That Guy.

So I grabbed a roll of poultice papers (not totally necessary but I know I’ll use them) and found a leather Nunn Finer neck strap hanging on a peg. I’ve been thinking about upgrading to a thinner leather one, so why not?

Now my haul was at least a little better (I had 2 non-sale items, at least) but I still felt bad. I even wandered back over to the Ogilvy section and stared at the plain black dressage half pad, trying to figure out how the hell I could justify a 3rd one. Sadly, I couldn’t.

And that’s how I walked into a giant store-wide sale and only spent $36.  I know, that’s not what sales are about. Trust me, the lack of extravagance and frivolity disappoints me just as much as it disappoints you.

25 thoughts on “DANGER, Will Robinson!

  1. well that was boring. HA I kept waiting for the reveal. SIGH…if you can’t go nuts then how can we enjoy this? 🙂 PS I guess you don’t need another neck strap now. 🙂


      1. i was sad when i got to the end of your blog and there was no THING too 🙂 I had no idea how much I live thru your spending HA!


        1. Well… I think my I-Quip gloves will be in soon, so… that’ll be kind of exciting? For real, I really thought I’d walk out of there with another pair of whites. 5 racks of tan, one rack of white.

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  2. I’ve actually totally done this… there’s a warehouse/consignment store that’s really epic and I am rarely out that way so when I was I was REALLY pumped to go…

    I was there for an hour and spent $0. Sometimes it’s just not in the cards :/

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  3. I went to two local tack stores last week hell bent on spending $$ on a pair of new schooling full seat breeches, as long as they fit and aren’t a color that will clash with my horse.

    Yeah. Uh. Fail. Way to go store. I was basically begging you to take my $$.


  4. I went to two tack store sales this weekend. But only winter clothes were on clearance and I don’t want to buy things I can’t wear right now. One place had 10% off store wide, but that wasn’t a good enough sale for me to bite the bullet on a Kastel shirt. The one place had an EIS shirt on sale, but it’s a medium and I liked the fit of the large better. I agree, it’s really sad to not walk away with much from a sale.


  5. I was also waiting for the big reveal! I seriously did this recently though too. My amazing local tack shop had their anniversary sale and it was 20% off everything plus, since I’m a premier customer (I’m sure related to my spending at said tack shop) I got an additional 10% off. I ended up with one shirt and a bag of treats. Very disappointing really.


  6. It’s like you can’t even GIVE your money away… Sigh. Nothing worst than a bust of a sale.
    I live not too far from Beval in CT, and they have what used to be a HUGE sale every February. But as they’ve opened more locations, the big sale has gotten really disappointing. One year, I found a custom shadbelly (retail of $1200!) for $150. I would leave with several bags and usually at minimum five hundred dollars more poor than I started. But the last few years it was like there wasn’t even anything to buy. Do you think we’ve bought all the things??? Oh the horror.


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