What’s in my tack trunk(s)

Terise over at Breeches and Boat Shoes posted this last week, and I thought it was a great idea so I stole it. Yay, thievery. But really, it’s a good one so it should be a blog hop.

I have two different trunks (barn trunk and trailer trunk) plus a mess of stuff in the tack room, so brace yourselves. I didn’t even bother trying to document the piles of random crap currently residing in my garage or guest room. I pretend those aren’t there, especially when SO inquires about them.

First- Stanley. I love Stanley.

The bottom layer has a cooler, a tub of Effol hoof conditioner that I’ve had for approximately 9,000 years, hoof pack, vet wrap, a spare Himalayan salt block, my skull cap, extra fly spray, and extra bell boots.

The next layer is the Back on Track stuff (mesh sheet and quick wraps), the current almost empty can of fly spray, my jumping boots, my black set of Majyk Equipe XC boots, and my navy DSBs.

Then on top is my grooming bucket, my Samshield, and my tray of random crap (including but not limited to: fly bonnet, XC watch, various wound sprays and ointments, tape, a leather punch, a belt, two pairs of gloves, a weight tape, Voltaren, and sticky spray).

Next, the little baby trailer trunk:

It’s small and super lightweight, so it’s easy to lift in and out of the trailer. This one mostly has stuff that I only use at shows. It serves the dual purpose of storing things that don’t really need taking up space in my other trunk, and having some stuff already “pre-packed” when I go places. Laziness is key.

The bottom layer is poultice, some Omeprazole, a lunge line, my saddle and bridle racks, poultice papers, Henry’s sleazy hood, my XC whip, and a spare halter.

The next layer is Stud Muffins (horse show necessity), white set of Majyk Equipe XC boots, braiding kit, a bag of random little stuff (currently it has a couple of snaps, a sharpie, extra bridle tag numbers, safety pins, chapstick, a couple band-aids, and a copy of Henry’s coggins & vax record), my pinney, and my Signature Spurs.

On top of that goes my Deco Pony stall guard and my Noble Outfitters bridle bag, at which point the tiny trunk is at max capacity.

Then, in the tack room inside the barn:

Three bridles, two saddles (with girth, corresponding Ogilvy pad, and current-rotation schooling pad on top), all of my extra saddle pads, some extra bits, my bathing stuff, my GPA (because I dunno, I just can’t throw it away yet), and two little Rubbermaid drawers. One drawer has all of Henry’s bonnets in it (there might be 8 of them) and the other has more spare bits, syringes, and tack cleaning stuff.

What’s in your tack trunk?

24 thoughts on “What’s in my tack trunk(s)

  1. It looks so nice and neat! I’m terrible about cleaning my things-even though all of it combined probably cost more than the furniture and home decor in my house…


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