Honey = money

I try my best to stay away from all the cool, fun technology. I’m the curmudgeon with an old iPhone that has more things that don’t work than things that do work. I still have a hotmail account. I have no interest in figuring out how to work Skype. But when I heard about Honey, the Google Chrome plug-in that can save you money, my little penny-pincher heart went pitter-patter.

I installed Honey a while ago and have seen it pop up here and there when I’ve ordered things online. Basically when you’re on the shopping cart page, if Honey has any coupon codes entered for that website, it will pop up and ask you if you want to try them. You say yes and it will run through them all automatically. Sometimes one works, sometimes none do, but it requires literally zero effort from you. I like zero effort.

This year I decided to start tracking how much money I saved because of Honey, jotting down the amount every time a code works. So far this year I’m up to $20 with just a few small purchases, the latest addition being a $5 savings at Drs Foster and Smith for my dog’s joint medication. It’s not often that it works on horse related sites, usually it’s the more popular websites like clothing or shoes, but Drs Foster and Smith does have some horse stuff too. You can also go on Honey and enter a coupon code yourself, if you know of one that isn’t already in the system.

Imagine if we all had Honey and entered coupon codes as we came across them. Savings for everyone!

Side note – Honey does use Google Analytics tracking to record usage, so if you’re super paranoid about being watched, you have to on and opt out of that feature.

17 thoughts on “Honey = money

  1. Really neat! I usually search on retailmenot.com anyway whenever I order something online, so this would be a total timesaver


  2. I love Honey! I am always telling people about it! Cause I never buy anything without googling for coupon codes first, so it saves me the step 🙂


  3. innerresting!!

    also – apropos nothing, except in response to your comment on my blog, The 10m corner is described thusly: “All corner letters in a ring are at 6 meters from the corner so the horse must be parallel to the long side a stride before H and M (etc) as well as a parallel to the short side at the quarter line. If you connect those, that’s where the horse has to be balanced.”


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