Bobby’s birthday (and new nickname)

Yeah I know… Bobby on the blog on Friday, Bobby on the blog on Monday… gross. Way too much Bobby. Don’t worry, after this we’ll go back to trying to pretend like he doesn’t exist. This story is important, though.

Bobby’s birthday was Saturday and he chose to celebrate it by entering his first USEA recognized Training horse trial. I can’t remember how old he is, so I’ll just go with a safe guess and say 75… something in that ballpark anyway. I had to sit this show out for budget reasons, but since I’m such a good friend I drove out there to cheer him on and bring him his birthday present.

Pretty princess bag!

Most of you probably remember that his big birthday present was his custom saddle from his BF Dustin. The black and red looks really good, I have to admit, especially with his fancy helmet. So I decided he needed one more really nice coordinating accessory and bought him black and red Roeckl gloves. Light years better than the cheap fabric ones he had before. As usual, I’m doing my best to make him more fabulous.


As for the show, it went really well and Bobby finished 2nd. He had a solid dressage and Halo hopped around the XC like a champ, although I think he gave everyone a heart attack in stadium. Pretty sure they hit almost every jump but somehow didn’t actually knock any down. One even popped up out of the cups and then settled right back in them. I’ve never seen a luckier person in my life.

But the best part was what the announcer said when he finished his round… “He polished all the poles!”.

I mean…

Is there any comment more fitting for Bobby? I immediately fired off with “Those aren’t the only poles he polishes!” and Dustin said “How do you think he got that saddle?”. The crowd was delighted, but no one more than me. Bobby shall henceforth officially be known as The Pole Polisher.

29 thoughts on “Bobby’s birthday (and new nickname)

  1. Oh my God, that is SO bad and SO funny! Glad Bobby is a good sport! 😄He doesn’t even look like the same guy from the first time you met him. In your capable hands he has been transformed into uber-Eventer, a paragon of perfectly-matching tasteful gear. It really is quite a miracle you have wrought! Halo was always handsome but now positively glows with pride in his fashionable tack and rider. I hope they have a great season (you, too, of course) and Happy Pink Princess Birthday Bobby! 😉


    1. HAHA!! Amanda hates me too much for that! Hates me so much that she drove out to my first Training with a glitter bag with awesome gloves and cupcakes. Having her ‘hate’ you is actually a good thing I’ve found!


  2. The best part about his new nickname: it can be horse show with children around level appropriate. But the other best part: it can be dirty and hilarious as well. Win win.


  3. There is still glitter in my car from that princess bag!! I even had some on my saddle when I emptied the trailer!! Glitter is the herpes of the craft world.


  4. I have to say, I thought the glitter princess bag would explode with paint or corgi poop or something like that…. but when she said I could open it while I was standing next to Halo (who she does actually like) I figured it was safe. Much to my surprise were the most amazing gorgeous red pipe lined gloves!! Only after putting them on did I think they may be acid lined… but again, they’re so beautiful, I knew she wouldn’t do anything to destroy them. And if pole polishing gets me a custom saddle and fancy new gloves. POLISH AWAY, YA’LL!

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  5. Rule 1: Don’t read Bobby stories at work. Laughing like a fool and no one I can share this with as they just won’t get it.

    Good luck on the boots.


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