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Last week while chatting with one of the Riding Warehouse ladies (shoutout to my peeps!), she asked if I’d ever thought of making a wish list on Pinterest for things that I want/need. My answer was no… it had never crossed my mind. To be honest Pinterest scared me a little and all I had ever done with it to that point was collect a bunch of super nerdy Narnia/Harry Potter/Doctor Who quotes. I don’t want to put salad in a mason jar, or put glitter on my keys, or make a myriad of cupcakes that in no way will end up looking like Pinterest promises they will. Crafting is my own personal version of hell.

But then I put my irrational Pinterest fears aside and thought about the wish list, and realized that it was actually a really good idea. Some websites have their own wish list capabilities, but on Pinterest you can pin items from several different sites all in one place. Plus when you pin something, Pinterest adds the direct link, and you can edit a little note field to put whatever size/color you want. This could be super helpful for friends and family when it comes to buying gifts. I know that I’m a super difficult person to buy for, but I always have things that I either perpetually need, or want but can’t justify splurging on (yet). So I pulled up the Riding Warehouse website in one window, Pinterest in the other, and got to work.

The resulting list is kind of amusing… I’ve got everything from horse treats to an equine heart rate monitor and a whole lot of stuff in between.

Weird? Absolutely. Useful? I think it will be. It’s a hell of a lot easier than trying to remember all the little things I want, and it’s easy for people to peruse it at their own leisure and pick from just about any price point. Plus it was super fun to make, so there’s that…

Does anyone else have a wish list type of thing like this?

22 thoughts on “Wish Lists

  1. In the name of conspicuous consumerism, perhaps I should start pinning. Didn’t think about sending people who want to buy me things to a pinterest wishlist–that’s a good idea.


  2. I do! It’s my ‘Tack +’ board. Everything from customs boots to fancy bridles. My SO has been gently pointed that way, and it’s been successful so far – a pair of Samshield gloves and some Clever with Leather belts. He knows what to get, and I get stuff I want, so it’s win-win for us, ha.


  3. I utilize the Amazon wish list. They too let you add items from different websites to your lists. My family LOVES that I use it, it takes the guesswork out of what horse thing is she wanting now.

    And, oh pinterest is dangerous for me. So many ideas, so little time. I’ve had some pretty epic crafting fails as the result of that website (melted crayon art is a BAD idea). it was an awesome resource for wedding planning but now I find myself using it more for cute squirrel pictures, quotes, workout ideas and hoarding of recipes that I will probably never attempt.


  4. Amazon also allows you to drop things on your Wish List from outside websites. 🙂 Though I have them in both places, “just in case”. But I love having them because it makes it easy for me to remember those “little things” I wanted, but didn’t necessarily NEED when I have a little bit of extra cash laying around so I can treat myself.

    I have that Polar HRM. It’s okay. The VMax brand is supposed to be superior for HRMs. Or so all the other endurance riders tell me.


  5. I use Pinterest for a lot of things (including recipes we actually make!) but I’ve never thought to use it for this. Which actually seems like a great idea!


  6. I’ve used it specifically for this for a few years – once I went to college and my parents realized they had no idea what to buy me since they never saw me. It works really well!


  7. Oh yes the Pinterest equestrian wish list is essential for all the friends and family who enable the horse obsession at gift giving times! I actually have pinned a few things that are linked to your blog, I hope it brings more people to you!

    My wish list is private since mine is a business Pinterest, but I stay logged in on my SO’s laptop as well so he can check it out whenever he wants 😉 (also have you seen the nightwatch halters?! They are amazing, wish I had the funds to buy two for my guys. Perfect for the overprotective horse owner who doesn’t have horses on their property)


  8. I have this on Pinterest but it’s not specifically a shopping list. More of a “wow that’s gorgeous maybe someday I’ll be able to afford it.” Or “oooooh, now I need to figure out where I can buy one of those.” Type of list.


  9. I have pin boards for backyard ideas, tack room/tack box ideas, stadium & xc jumps, and layouts for small barns since I plan to build my own in a couple years. Works great for me!


  10. I have pinned things I liked on Pinterest, but never made a wish list. I use a Google Drive document and I am always adding to the list. I add the link, size/color, etc and price and anyone I send it too can pick and choose and erase from the list when bought. It has been pretty successful so far.


  11. I have a wishlist on SmartPak for my mom and husband because they used to buy me random horse stuff that I’d never use in a zillion years. But it said “horse” on it, so they just didn’t know better. But Pinterest sounds much better because I can put that PS of Sweden bridle on it and coerce someone into buying it for me 🙂

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  12. Just catching up on your blog after a couple weeks on crazy. I love pinterest. When it is time for me to build a house or new barn on the farm, I have specific ideas on pinterest so in the heat of the moment decision making I don’t forget that I liked a different idea. I use the Amazon wish list for actual gifts morseo. I do keep a private gift board on my pinterest that I accumulate ideas for other people throughout the year in preparation for Christmas. 🙂


  13. The girls at work live on Pintrest, I have tried to stay away like the plague. I much prefer Tumblr and Instagram, though you can’t make lists like you can on Pintrest.


  14. I’m trying to remain calm as I type because OMG I LOVE PINTEREST. For real. I have boards for pretty much every facet of my life: including real life and my imaginary future life where I have tons of money and infinite leisure time. Pinterest 5ever.


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