Henry’s Favorite Things

I’ve made a few lists over the past couple years of my own favorite things, but Henry has never made a list of his own. Granted, his very favorite things in the world are eating, sleeping in his own pee, and cross country, so I had to really work at it to find tangible items that made his list. But we finally did it, so here are Henry’s top 5 best things evarrrr.

This is the face of a valuable opinion

Himalayan salt block

Henry has his salt down to a science. He likes to eat his dinner, get a drink of water, lick his salt, drink more water, lick his salt some more, and drink more water. He closes his eyes as he methodically and rhythmically licks his salt, to the point where he looks high as a kite. Dude loves the thing, and it seems to encourage him to drink more, so he always has one hanging in his stall.

Leistner Prinz brush

I love the Prinz brush because it works so well, but Henry actually loves it too. And that’s a pretty high compliment coming from a horse that really doesn’t like to be groomed. This brush is really good at getting the dirt off while also leaving a good shine, so I think of it as kind of a 2-in-1. Anything that is super soft and equals less grooming time gets two ears up from Henny.


Ogilvy half pads

Simply put, this horse is a Princess. He also is not shy about his opinions. So if Henny doesn’t like something, you know immediately. Likewise, if Henny does like something, you also know immediately (due to a lack of pinned ears and swishy tail trying to lash your eyeballs out). He’s been super happy in his Ogilvy half pads since day 1, and when I tried to go without it one day as a mini-experiment, he told me that was a no-go. Well, what he really said included a lot of expletives and was quite rude, but let’s just say it equaled “no”.

Back on Track mesh sheet

I’m still not totally convinced that the Back on Track voodoo is real, but I can’t deny the fact that Henry feels really good every time I get on him after he’s worn his mesh sheet. He’s too much of a blanket shredder to wear it unattended, but I’ve put it on him for a couple of hours before dressage at most of our shows this year and he does seem more limber right from the start. Plus he’s never once pinned his ears at it, so there’s that?


Uncle Jimmy’s 

As far as treats go, Henry isn’t that picky, but he does seem to really like the Uncle Jimmy’s Squeezy Buns. I think part of it is the excitement and anticipation that comes with the crinkling of the wrapper as I open each one; he’s like a kid on Christmas. Plus they’re nice and soft and apparently really delicious. He also likes the Uncle Jimmy’s Licky Thing, a treat that is reserved for horse shows. Weirdo horse has a crazy strong oral fixation and will stand in his stall just licking the wall or the bars when he’s bored. When I put the Licky Thing in there he’s at least got something to lick besides the wall. The Licky Things also last him a lot longer than a Likit (he gets about 2-3 days out of a Licky Thing vs a matter of hours out of a Likit, so they’re perfect for shows).

And Henry’s slave owner also appreciates that if you’re a fan of Riding Warehouse on facebook, you can always get 10% off your order with the code FB10. Money saved = more Henny treats.


16 thoughts on “Henry’s Favorite Things

  1. Justin also loves the squeezy buns.. he would be morbidly obese if I let him eat as many as he desired! I’ve also been pondering the BOT mesh blanket… Justin has the quick wraps which I have really love on him. I wasn’t sure at first if I believed the voodoo, but recently I’ve gotten the ankle brace for myself, and I seriously could feel a difference. I’ve had a break in my left ankle, so continued two-point for my trot sets really starts to give me a lot of pain/discomfort, and I have worn this ankle brace a few times and it felt much better! It gave a little bit of support, made my ankle/foot feel all tingly, but idk something about it – I didn’t feel as if my ankle was going to break at the end of my conditioning ride (which is usually the case)! I’ll keep buying into BOT’s dark magic now!


  2. Copper sleeps in his pee too. Kills my soul. Luckily he’s generally on 24/7 turnout so that only happens rarely (like self induced stall rest due to running through the fence…).

    Also-I always thought it was crazy that you have a horse that hates being groomed. Well, now I’m much more sympathetic. A friend gave me an OTTB and she isn’t a fan of the grooming and kicks at her belly if you’re not as delicate with her as she thinks you should be. I even made the friend who gave her to me come ride her first since she was so sensitive, I was sure she’d be girthy and I’d be unable to put leg on her. I’m writing you a book about it now for some reason. 😉 I wrote more about her on my blog today if you’re interested hahah


  3. Rio loves the himalayan salt too. He likes to use it to salt his hay, because fat kids salt everything right? He gets his mouth wet, licks the salt, takes a bite of hay, repeat.
    I may need one of those brushes for Romey. He hates brushing, but my ultra soft goat hair brush doesn’t do much actual grooming. He likes those really soft Grooma curries too at least, so they work well together. Some days there is no time for multiple steps, however. This could be a game changer.
    Agreed on the back on track. But I’ve heard similar things from lots of people. May have to suck it up and get one. But they’re so pricey! I have a super ghetto looking magnetic sheet which may or may not do anything similar. Probably should just stick with what I have.


    1. That brush is awesome for every day, I think. Usually I do a quick once over with a jelly scrubber (although sometimes I skip it), then the brush, then pick feet. Cuts down the grooming time and the horse is still clean and shiny!


  4. I believe in BOT voodoo whole heartedly and I NEED a blanket bad. Also I also love the Himalayan salt but B won’t touch it! Its like his body doesn’t want it. Vs Yankee who loves them!


  5. Awww! Henry is so lucky to have a mom who gives him all his favorite things. Tucker loves his Himalayan salt too!


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