Coconino Day 7: OK, that sucked 

This trip has been so great, I guess something had to suck at some point. Unfortunately that point was yesterday when I tried to practice my dressage test. Definitely one of the top 3 worst Henry rides ever.

i hate this thing

The day started out great… we turned the boys out, and they had great fun playing. It was very cold, definitely the coldest night so far at only 41 degrees. I woke up with frozen appendages. 

After it warmed up a bit, we all went out for a long hack down the bridle paths around the park. That never gets old.

It’s just so damn pretty.

After the hack I peeled off and went down to the track, hoping to get 20 minutes of stretchy trot in. Unfortunately Henry’s brain fell out and he just kept screaming for his friends and jigging. I gave up on that idea and took him back to the barn, since he was just getting more worked up.

Then later in the afternoon we had jog practice (the official version left a lot to be desired, so we came back up to our barn and Trainer helped us practice instead… much more useful) then I hopped on to run through my test. Henry was awful. Very tense, over sensitive, and really frustrating. Not gonna lie, there were some tears. We went back to the barn to re-set our brains and get a flash, then went back down and tried again. Finally, finally, he was at least rideable. Not great by any means, but ok.

Today we have in-barns and the first jog, then we’re going to try to dressage again. Really hope he’s gotten all the lack of cooperation out of his system.

12 thoughts on “Coconino Day 7: OK, that sucked 

  1. would rather he suck today than any other day. Fingers crossed Henny brain comes back into play. I am finally HOME from my trip and am sitting like pins and needles waiting for all your updates (AND catching up on all the blogs i missed last week due to work!!) Have fun!!


    1. right? me too. except im not brave enough to hack bareback on my horse yet… especially somewhere new…

      i might get an advent calendar for the day he turns 9


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