Coconino Day 8: Accepted!

Wednesday was inspection day… we had in-barns in the morning and then the formal jog mid-afternoon. I took Henry on a long hack with some stretchy trot in the morning to loosen him up a bit, since we can’t turn out anymore.

The in-barn was very uneventful, the vet just took TPR so they have a baseline to compare to in the 10 minute box. 

Then it was time to bathe and braid and start getting pretty for the formal jog.

Neither of us likes to wait

The jog was kinda fun, although a) running in sand in flats is hard b) I was sweating balls. But when they said “Number 75 – accepted!” It was a pretty good feeling. Especially because they said it so fast – one horse got held, and on some of them they took several very long, agonizing seconds before they announced them accepted. Henry was immediate, thank goodness, because your anxiety in that situation is through the roof.

Then I hopped on for a quick dressage ride. Henry was definitely better than Tuesday (couldn’t really get much worse) but still tense and not really coming into my hand. I kinda just think that I have a really fit horse who has been cooped up for too long, and that’s that. I’ll coax him through the dressage as best I can today, and then be really glad it’s over.

After my ride we had a rider’s meeting followed by an overview of Roads and Tracks and Steeplechase. I’m pretty excited for both of those things!

If I can just survive the dressage today, the rest should be a lot more fun.

22 thoughts on “Coconino Day 8: Accepted!

  1. You and Henny look so sharp, LOVE your outfit! Sending positive thoughts for the dressage, then onto the fun(ner) stuff! 😀


  2. Sounds like you have a super fit horse bored with not doing the fun stuff. Kinda awesome going into a 3 day, but also kinda shitty to coax through dressage. Oh well! Good luck!


  3. omg i love your outfit. gorgeous.

    good luck in the little white sandbox of anguish. i think your assessment of the situation is correct but take heart in knowing everybodys got the same problem lol


  4. I am stalking the scoring too but hey you did okay! even with an error!! And BOBBY WOOOT (Where is his blog??) Now onto the fun stuff. Enjoy 🙂


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