A weekend in Luxe EQ trailer

You know what’s great about spending the weekend hanging out in the Luxe EQ mobile trailer? Everything. Literally everything.

Ok so technically I was working, not hanging out (I’m used to work not being horse related, so in my world this does not register on the scale of what equals “work” even though it was actually work and I was dead tired by the end of the weekend). I love horse stuff… setting it up, telling people about it, helping them find something they love, selling it, playing with it… horse stuff is the best. Especially when it’s all the pretty things.

I drove down to Houston on Friday after Normal Work to help get the racks and stuff set up, then was on my own for Saturday and Sunday. Quinn got to come along too, and I gotta say – he is a PRO tack shop dog. He really missed his true calling. It was impossible for people to not stop and pet him.

Saturday was pretty busy, between a fairly constant flow of customers, getting everything set up the way I wanted, sorting all the stuff on racks and shelves by size, etc.

Still my favorite shirt, as evidenced by the fact that I put it on the mannequin.

On Sunday I had a little bit more free time in between customers, so I made it my mission to pull out and take pictures of all my favorite things, and try on some helmets. I cannot resist. I was really impressed with the Kasks, they have some awesome features including a magnetized chin strap closure and a “cradle” on the back for a more customized fit.

And of course the badass Samshield XJ, which fit me pretty perfectly. Too bad I only have one head and therefore cannot justify buying All The Helmets, because I feel like the navy Samshield XC would be awesome. Just sayin. Worth noting: Luxe EQ will be a participating retailer for the upcoming Helmet Awareness Day sale (both Kask and Samshield will be on sale!).

I also decided that I need this fancy Eric Javits hat, even though I have no idea where I’d wear it. I love it, even if my life in general is just not this fancy.


Overall it was a busy weekend and lots of work, but I had tons of fun. Back to the Normal Work grindstone today (where, sadly, I am not surrounded by a ton of really nice horse stuff, and that’s kind of a huge letdown).

32 thoughts on “A weekend in Luxe EQ trailer

  1. so how much did you end up buying? I bet you were OCD’ing all over that tack trailer with arranging stuff! LOL

    Quinn SHOULD be on the road, he would have his own following in NO time 🙂 HA


  2. I could probably spend forever in tack shops. Esp consignment tack sections where all manner of odds and ends show up. We have a lot of timber racers in our area so race gear always finds its way in. Like tiny hi tech light weight stirrups. Or bizarre strap goods meant for the track. It’s always fun!

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  3. So I couldn’t tell this on my phone, but do those other belts have Cheltenham gag ring buckles? I kind of like the dark red one. something tells me they are well out of my budget right now.


    1. They both fit me, although with different kind of liners. Kask has different interchangeable liner options to help customize the fit, plus the cradle on the back of the head tends to really make it a bit more flexible as far as what shape it fits.


    1. i love my onek (I have the suede one with sunglasses and LOVE IT) like if there was a fire i would save that first LOL! It is the most comfy helmet i have ever worn! I am totally enabling you! LOL


  4. You look so mysterious and lovely in the hat! Reminds me of the computer game character from Where In the World is Carmen San Diego. Do you know what i mean?


  5. I was reluctant to read this post since you always cost me money… Fortunately, nothing I don’t have similar already. Phew. Crisis averted.
    That said, for Helmet Awareness day I am replacing my everyday helmet because it no longer fits and I think I’ve hit my head in it enough that it’s time. I am debating between a brown samshield and a bottle green charles owen. I’m leaning charles owen because it’s a little cheaper and I can totally customize. Though I do love the Sammy that I show in… Such dilemmas.
    Also, agree on the blue samshield for you… I mean, it’s going to be on sale right?


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