I have a lot of questions

I was cruising through Instagram hashtags recently and stumbled across this:






Image result for did you do that on purpose gif

Image result for what is going on gif

Image result for are you kidding gif

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This is not the first tack/equipment item that has confused me recently (there was also the KEP helmet that looked like a unicorn shat on it and the ear bonnet made out of lace that just ended up looking like you put your underwear on your horse’s head) but this one probably has me the most stumped. Someone explain.

61 thoughts on “I have a lot of questions

      1. The person who got me into dressage was pretty militant about the whole black/white/minimal sparkles things so for kicks I used to search out the most ungodly colorful sparkly stuff and tell her I was buying it for my horse (that she was riding). I distinctly remember tagging her in a photo of this bridle once, pretty sure the screaming could be heard over 3 counties 😂 but I mean honestly, even *I* have standards…. hahaha


  1. Alicia’s comment… 😄😄 WOW, is that thing ever fugly. Especially on a dark horse! Maybe it’s meant for circus performers? I’m serious! They could use a combo setup, I’m sure.

    I’m not and have never been a fan of very light-colored English tack. It just seems inappropriate since you wouldn’t ever see it (unless someone was clueless or rather gauche) in the hunting field, so, by George, I don’t think it has a place on a horse. At least not in the show ring!


  2. It’s like pony party vomit bridle.
    The black bridle: Oh look, here’s something for you to take in public.
    The rainbow bridle: Oh look, here’s Barbie’s horse’s bridle that you can use for a pony party.
    I second the missed opportunity of ombre reins!


  3. I’m just glad that there are monstrosities like this in the English world. There is so much hideousness in the western world it’s about time it has spread. There are some western breast collars that, good god. They’re much calmer than this, but they’re a lot more commonly used. I won’t put a link to one in case someone has one/loves it, but they’re just gross. Speed riders seem to utilize the gross tack and it baffles me. And makes me glad I got out of that so I don’t have to see it very often…


      1. It does seem pretty chilly, but the potential vomit factor is pretty high. Don’t forget the large, gaudy flowers made of leather on the headstalls! Or the ones that are so thick and made to look like a belt??? I don’t understand that, the headstalls just swallow up the horse’s head.


  4. As someone with questionable Dressage skills, this might distract the judge from my non-existent outside aids. As someone who holds a lot of angst towards the hunter ring, this might just be my first step towards rebellion. Lots of ways to go here.

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  5. Is it…I don’t know…a nursery school bridle? I mean, made for little kids or something? I know at the old hunter barn I was at, the louder the better when it came to the little kids. Including riding in tutu’s with sparkly wand-like riding bats…


  6. I can come up with two reasons to buy this. One with it on no one will notice my shity riding. Two I will finally stop staring at my horse’s neck because I won’t be able to handle staring at that bridle.


  7. Lol. You guys crack me up. We use coloured pvc halters and work bridles in Aus, my halter is only two toned though, dark blue and light blue. Don’t think I would use a multi coloured leather bridle or halter though! 😆


  8. HAHAHAHA I see a lot of questionable things through work; that bridle reminds me of this hot pink Schumacher monstrosity that the store’s buyer is always threatening to order for me. Too funny.


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