The Daily Routine

I’m glad Hillary posted this the other day, because way back when Karen first broached this subject I drafted this post, then promptly forgot about it. Oops. My Drafts folder is a scary, crowded, very random place.

Even Henry is leery 

It’s always interesting to me to see how other people manage to fit horses and riding into their regular lives. Some of us have other big responsibilities to work around (like kids), or long commutes, or considerably more active social lives. I have no kids, a relatively short commute, and basically zero social life, so my only real challenge is making sure I actually get to see the SO for a couple hours a night, lest he become grumpy.

Luckily he has his own hobbies and much more of a social life, so he’s pretty good at keeping himself entertained. I do pretty much all the cooking though, and neither of us would like to eat dinner at 9pm, so I try to tailor my life to where I’m home at a decent hour. Basically this just means that I wake up and go to work a lot earlier than most.

So sleepy

I’m up between 5:15 (if I go running, like today) and 5:45 every day, and at work by 6:30-6:45. I’m a really light sleeper and cannot sleep if there’s any kind of noise or light outside, so the schedule works well for me. As soon as there’s even a hint of dawn or I hear cars starting/people driving by, I’m awake anyway. To answer some common questions in advance: No, I do not drink coffee, it’s disgusting. No, I’m not a perky morning person, I just wake up wanting to get shit done and out of the way. I’m never perky. If I seem perky, just assume I’ve been body snatched. Do not talk to me until after 8am. Or never. Never works too.

we have similar temperaments

I don’t take a lunch break, I just eat at my desk and work through until 3:30ish. My commute to the barn is 30 minutes, so I’m there around 4. Of course, that’s usually right around feeding time, so I usually toss Henry a handful or two of his grain to avoid Drama Queen theatrics when the other horses get fed, then get him out of his stall.

Unless I’m in some kind of major hurry, I curry and brush him thoroughly every day. This is finally possible now that I have the Leistner brushes that he likes… I used to just wipe him down with a towel and be on my way so I didn’t suffer the Wrath of Henny. He seems to enjoy grooming now though, and his coat looks better, so I take the time to be thorough and just enjoy being with my horse. I also use that time to check him over for lumps, bumps, scrapes, fungus, or whatever other fun new thing he’s decided to do to himself.

Then it’s picking his feet, putting his boots on (which, every single day its like he’s never worn boots before in his life), then tacking him up. I usually have a rough schedule planned out in advance that dictates whether we’re doing a dressage ride, conditioning ride, jump school, etc. I’m usually on by 4:30, maybe 4:45 at the latest.

After I ride he gets hosed off then fly sprayed, and I either spray him with fungus spray if needed, or rub some Healthy Hair in the base of his tail, or slather him with Swat, or whatever else. Usually by then I’m running a little later than I want to be, so I just wipe off my bit and then toss my stuff back in the tack room. Cleaning/conditioning tack is usually a weekend thing for me, just like really long rides or shampoo baths or anything that I’d like to be leisurely about.

I try to be out of the barn by 6:30 so that I’m home by 7, then start dinner, take a shower, and have a little bit of time to hang out with SO and the dogs. I go to bed at 9 and read until I fall asleep (usually around 10) so I’m kind of a grandma like that. I need quiet time and I need sleep, sorry not sorry.

25 thoughts on “The Daily Routine

  1. My schedule is similar to yours except I have to work until 5P, so I don’t get home until 8P, but I am lucky that the hubby usually makes dinner. I know I have it relatively *easy* compared to some others, but it still feels like I can never get anything else accomplished on weeknights if I ride (eg: laundry, cleaning). Sometimes I wish I had the option to pay someone to get horse groomed and tacked up on weeknights, but I don’t board at that kind of barn.


  2. I’m super jealous of anyone who can be productive in the morning. I can’t drag myself out of bed before 6:30 unless it’s a horse show day. Although, the fact that I finish in the barn at 10 and then first have dinner and hang with the pups might be part of the issue. I really wish I could just eliminate the need for sleep. I’d be a considerably more useful member of society.


  3. I’m jealous of your schedule. My schedule USED to look like that, but then I had a baby. Now the pone gets ridden once a week. Thankfully he turned ten this June, and in pony years that means he’s finally, FINALLY a grown-up and can actually handle a more chill work schedule and still remember he’s a trained horse when I get on him. When the baby starts eating real food and I can leave her with her dad more easily, I’ll ride more often…but for now this is the way it has to be.


  4. I have found my people! I have such a strict schedule during the week and when friends (who I love) want to hang out during the week on a riding day, God help them. I get up around 6 (or 6:30/6:45/6:55 if bed is too comfy), workout, go to work, leave work at 4:30/5, get to barn, do a quick groom and then tack up and get to riding work. Depending on how well I stick to a riding schedule, I try to allow some “hang-out” time with RedMare so that I can take time and appreciate her at the end of the ride. Otherwise it’s too drill-sergeant for me. Then I race home and eat popcorn and cereal for dinner while I catch up on a tv show (Longmire right now, it’s good). My biggest guilt factor right now is my dog. We walk or run before work and then he gets let out after work briefly and fed and then I’m gone until around 9pm. He stays in the mudroom during the day so he isn’t confined to a crate. I just wish I could take him to the barn – but he is NOT a socialized dog and that would be dangerous.


  5. I’m such a night owl that waking up at dawn is like HELL for me. I sleep through alarms all the time. How do people wake up and then work out?! you are amazing robot humans and I want your discipline!

    I wake up around 8, be at work at 9, get to he barn around 5:45, groom, ride, feed, and try to get home before 9pm. Super hubby cooks dinner and we watch tv/sport/ whatever. Them I putter around cleaning the house, then shower (yep, I’m a weirdo who likes to shower before bed) and head to bed around 11, only to read or watch netflix for another hour.


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