Helmet Awareness Day (and sales)!

aka the best day of the year to buy a new helmet! Tomorrow is International Helmet Awareness Day, and tons of brands and retailers (ahem Riding Warehouse – with coupon code HAD20 on 9/17 only) are offering great discounts on a new helmet.


Even if your helmet appears to be in good shape, don’t forget that the protective materials break down after 4-5 years (check the tag inside for the manufacture date) and are no longer as effective at taking an impact. It’s also recommended that helmets be replaced after a fall, as a helmet can appear to be undamaged on the outside while actually sustaining significant damage to the internal protective layers.

The list of participating brands:



Charles Owen








One K






Those of you who have been looking for Kask – Luxe EQ has them (and Samshield) and is a participating retailer! Use code 4helmets to apply the discount, and get free shipping too with code 4ship.

Find other participating retailers here: http://www.riders4helmets.com/helmet-awareness-day/participating-retailers/

Pick up this shirt from shophuntclub.com while you’re at it – it’s 20% off with coupon code MindYourMelon
Whoever wants to sign up to be my new BFF is welcome to pick up a navy Kask (I’ll take any of the Dogma models) or a navy Samshield XC for me, size 7 1/4… k thanks.

16 thoughts on “Helmet Awareness Day (and sales)!

  1. i am so tempted to buy a one k matte just to have another one (I LOVE my one with the sunglasses and it is so comfy) for bad weather etc. I have a cover for my suede one but the mattes are so cool..and i would get navy 🙂 tempting….

    i am sending this link far and wide to all my friends who are actually looking at helmets (We had a whole discussion cross country schooling and i told them to wait till tomorrow LOL)

    thanks for the nudge!!

    AND PS I am not buying you anything i have SPENT enough with you this month PFFT LOL


      1. yeah which is why im prob gonna buy like the ovation schooler or something… i keep showing up places having forgotten my helmet at the barn where it lives :/ and then i borrow something really ill fitting…


  2. Too bad I just bought a helmet in February, otherwise I’d be all over this. My Samshield I bought in February has lived in a closet in my house and has been worn outside of the house on a horse only one time. It’s a crying shame. I’d just rather fall off in my cheaper helmet if my horse is going to spook at pokemon that like in the woods by our ring. It’s just much easier for me to replace. Those Kask helmets are so pretty though.


  3. If only there were more than ONE manufacturer that makes ONE helmet that actually fits my head.

    Not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing though…


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