Congratulations, it’s a… rabbit?

Today marks day 161 in Sadie’s pregnancy, putting us close to the halfway point. My anxiety level has not decreased, and probably won’t for oh, I dunno… ever? I stalked the hell out of the Burghley young horse championship results and the Bundeschampionate results, obsessing over the Mighty Magic babies. Fun fact: a MM won the 4yo final at Burghley.

Hello, handsome. I’ll take one of these.

It’s fun to keep track of where Sadie is in her gestation though (it keeps my mind off of how ridiculously long this takes and how easily it could all go wrong) and I particularly love this little timeline:

Currently Baby Presto is about the size of a rabbit. A big rabbit.

Day 150 – Gaining more than a pound every 10 days, the fetus now is about the size of a rabbit. Hair graces its chin, muzzle, and eyelids. If you look closely, you’ll see that eyelashes have emerged.

He really looks something like this. Not quite as cute as a rabbit yet.

Considering how giant and floppy Sadie’s ears are, there are lots of jokes to be made here with the rabbit thing. My friend Michelle’s favorite looks something like this:


Momma Mare, however, seems unperturbed by our attempts at comedy and keeps right on doing what she does best: eating food and growing babies. Good girl, Momma Mare. Good girl. ❤



6 more months… just 6 more long, agonizing, anxiety-ridden, super obsessive, crazy months…

23 thoughts on “Congratulations, it’s a… rabbit?

  1. you will be insane in 3 months i wager LOL! (Wait..more insane?? is that possible? ) ha ha h Presto and Rabbits and i am just giggling here all by myself…


  2. Love this! Is Sadie yours? So exciting. I was turbo anxious the whole time my mare was pregnant. I ALMOST couldn’t enjoy when the foal was born because of the residual anxiety. I got over it lol. I have a 6 month gestation picture of my mare too.


      1. Right there with you. I like your posts like this because I can determine where Paige is. I think we’re in intro rabbit stage now? I’m bad at math and figuring out how many days we are. If Paige’s physique is any indication, we have a fat rabbit brewing.


  3. As someone who had rabbits, I have to point out that they come in lots of sizes and the rabbit pictured is a dutch rabbit, which is actually pretty small as rabbit go.

    The beagle makes more sense. I’ll just focus on that one.


  4. Love the size references, human babies grow, but the size change that happens to a foal in a similar amount of time is really rather astounding. I took for granted how many pregnant mares I saw as a kid that did fine til one didn’t, then it sunk in the risks of it all. Your mare looks happily pregnant.


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