Fair Hill, here we come!

When I saw USEA post last week about a free workshop with Marilyn Payne at the Young Event Horse Championships, I totally geeked the hell out.


For those who aren’t interested in clicking on the link to read through it all, the short version is:

The Young Event Horse (YEH) Committee is excited to announce they will be offering an educational opportunity for anyone interested in learning more about the YEH program, especially current YEH judges, riders, trainers and breeders.  The workshops will be led by Marilyn Payne and will take place at both the East and West Coast YEH Championships. Participants in the workshop will sit as a group with Marilyn to observe all phases of the competition.  Everyone will have the opportunity to practice judge, compare notes, ask questions, and discuss the fine points of such factors as scoring range, how to evaluate the gallop on the flat versus over fences, and anything else unique to YEH judging. 

Shut. The. Eff. Up.

Image result for excited gif
it feels like Christmas

My most favorite things combined into one – breeding, young horse development, and eventing – and there’s a FREE workshop, at CHAMPIONSHIPS, with MARILYN FREAKING PAYNE??? I immediately messaged my friend Michelle at Willow Tree Warmbloods and told her we had to go. Luckily she geeked out almost as much as I did, because nerds.

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The West Coast Championships are at Woodside, and the East Coast Championships are at Fair Hill, so I immediately started looking up flights to both areas and comparing prices. I stumbled upon some amazingly great deals if we flew into Baltimore on the particular days we needed, and another friend of mine lives only 10 minutes from Fair Hill and offered us a place to stay, so tada – just like that – within an hour we were booked for Fair Hill.

Badasses Kathy and Lofty in the 2* at FH last year

The YEH Champs are on Thursday and Friday next week but we decided to stay an extra day so we could watch all the FEI level XC too. I haven’t been to FH since 2001 when I was a working student in MD, and I’m so freaking excited it’s a little unbearable. Being excited about something is way more fun that being bummed that my horse is broken.

I already stalked all the horses entered in the YEH-Ch and picked out some that I definitely want to pay particularly close attention to (like the Mighty Magic 4yo that Phillip is riding, and a couple by Diarado). I know I’m a total nerd but this kind of learning opportunity is so cool, and super valuable for those interested in anything involving breeding or bringing up young eventers, especially through the YEH program. I can’t wait!

Oh, and if anyone else is going to be at Fair Hill, hit me up!

16 thoughts on “Fair Hill, here we come!

    1. Yay! For sure, we shall find each other. Whoever’s idea it was for the YEH workshop, please give them my eternal thanks and 9 million tips of the hat. Best idea ever.


  1. sounds like an awesome opportunity! fair hill is basically the best – i’ll be there for xc day too (hopefully with a crew). and obvi if you and your friends are spending any time in downtown charm city lmk 😉


  2. I’ll be there either Saturday afternoon after my lesson, or Sunday so I can have the whole day, even though I will miss the beer, xc, and apparently you. Choices, choices…


  3. I’ll be there as well Friday to Sunday! Definitely going to do a lot of shopping and I get to walk the XC course with a couple of riders (did I mention shopping?) 😂


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