Review: Lund Saddlery Five Point Breastplate 

As I mentioned a couple weeks ago, I’ve spent the past few months testing out a few items from Lund Saddlery, a new tack brand. The owner of Lund contacted me a while back and was very clear in his mission for the brand: to produce quality tack at reasonable prices.


He had an obvious vision, for sure, and his enthusiasm about his products is undeniable. But we’ve all heard schpeils like that before, haven’t we? I was skeptical and decided to reserve judgment until I could get my hands on the items myself. He asked me to review some things, and I agreed, but warned him that I would be 100% honest in my reviews. He (and his team of riders that have helped develop the line) seemed undeterred.

fresh out of the box

The main leather Lund uses is Sedgwick, with Italian leather padding and backing. The hardware is stainless steel, and everything is made in the same factories as some other well known brands. I’ve had some Sedgwick tack before… for those who haven’t: it’s good quality, rugged, strong English leather. It takes a little longer to really get it nicely broken in and soft, but that’s because it lasts FOREVER. It’s the kind of stuff that seems to just get better with age and use. It’s not as thin and butter soft as French leather, but it’s obviously a lot more hardy. So if you’re looking for something durable (like something you could use for everyday and for showing), Sedgwick is a good choice. You definitely do not have to baby it.

One of the first items I received was the Lund 5 point breastplate. The retail price on this is $210 Canadian, or around $158 USD. My first impressions out of the box were 1) navy elastic, hell yeah. (#teamnavy) 2) the details were very well done. Maybe it’s my h/j background but I’m a sucker for fancy stitching and padding, they make things look so much, well… fancier. I immediately inspected the edges, the backing, the stitching, and the seams, looking for quality issues. Just because it’s relatively inexpensive doesn’t mean it should look cheap – I don’t want to see any loose, crooked, or uneven stitching, rough edges, leaking glue, uneven straps, fake sheepskin, thin elastic, or cheap hardware. Luckily I found none. Nary a stitch was out of place, the sheepskin was gorgeous, and the elastic was thick and multi-layered. So far, so good.


The Lund breastplates come with dee savers, which are really nice to have since I don’t like clipping things directly to my saddle dees. It also came with a clip on running martingale attachment, another nice “extra”, and gives you the feeling that they didn’t cut corners to save a few bucks in production. It drives me nuts when I get a breastplate (or any tack item) and it doesn’t have all the snaps or attachments that I want. Extra points for Lund for providing appropriate snaps and accessories.

Despite the popularity of the 5 point design among eventers, I’ve never actually used this style of breastplate before. It took a little bit of finagling to get it adjusted exactly how I wanted it, but once it was done, it was done, and I haven’t messed with the fit since then.

In application, the breastplate does it’s job admirably. As one would expect, it’s quite stable, and gives a nice feeling of security. I can see why people like this design for cross country… your saddle isn’t going anywhere, and even if something happened and one strap broke mid-round, you’d still have several more to keep things steady. The only thing I didn’t like was that for the first few rides (until it broke in and softened a bit) I could feel the leather strap under my boot. Mildly annoying, so I attacked it for a few days with Belvoir and that seemed to do the trick.

5 point in action

My only minor whine is the color of the leather – I am not Australian Nut’s #1 fan. I prefer a darker Havana, but I know that most of the h/j world (and probably many eventers as well) prefer the slightly lighter, redder tone. I’ve had a little luck darkening it so far, and having owned a Sedgwick bridle in this exact color before, I know that it will darken more with age. The color is fine as-is, I’m just a bigger fan of darker tack. Personal choice.

it does look pretty smashing on Red

Overall I think this breastplate is a great piece of tack in it’s own right, and especially at the well below $200 price point. It’s light years better quality than the HDR 5 point, and I like it more than the Ovation, Nunn Finer, or Prestige 5 points (which are all more expensive) that I have seen, too. In the end it comes down to the details, and Lund really nails it in that respect. The fancy stitching, padding, and quality workmanship on the Lund put it solidly ahead of it’s competition.

Lund Saddlery is also doing a monthly giveaway to go with their brand launch, and October’s item is the 5 point! Go here to enter, and follow Lund on Instagram here.

20 thoughts on “Review: Lund Saddlery Five Point Breastplate 

  1. Great, thorough review (as always). I’ve been waiting for this review actually, bc I saw that you were testing it out and was super interested in what you thought. I’m not a huge fan of the 5-point style, but #teamnavy. And you cannot deny that Lund tack looks really well done and very sharp!

    I will admit: I reached out to Lund a while ago about some of their other pieces of tack, and my experience was…..bizarre? Won’t go into much detail, other than to say that I was unimpressed with their customer service. Maybe it’s the “newness” of the brand hitting social media, gaining popularity and bursting onto the scene, but my personal experience has deterred me from ordering from them, at least for now.


    1. They have a 3 point that you would probably like! It’s a bit more classic and simple.

      Up until now the “customer service” has only been the owner/developer of the company. He is great, but he’s not a customer service rep. 😉 I think mostly because he is not a computer person, and comes across much better on the phone. They have someone else taking over the social media and stuff who is a lot more familiar with The Ways of the Interwebs, so things should smooth out a bit once it’s all officially launched and everyone is in position.


  2. It’s so pretty! Seriously makes me wish I could justify a breastplate for literally any reason. Guess I’ll just keep twiddling my thumbs til some dressage stuff comes out.

    Or a standing martingale? Haha the only extra piece of tack I get to use.


    1. I think I’ve talked him into making a black version of the 4 point. But I think the dressage bridles and stuff (there are sparkly browbands involved, btw) are coming soon.


  3. Looks very nice! I’ll play nice I promise 😉
    I’m in agreement on the Havana color. I do like the redder color tack on chestnuts, grays, light bays… but on my dark boys I much prefer Havana color tack.


  4. I have interacted with Rob quite a bit via Facebook, as well as by email. While I do like him and have no problem with him, he can come across is a not so customer service friendly way. They did end up sending me a bridle that I love. It looks a bit funny with my stuff since I have a western saddle, but it fits my horse well, it was very nice out of the box and was even better after a couple coats of leather balm. I would definitely buy again. There is one thing I was a little bit disappointed with and that was the fact that it was unclear as to whether or not it came with reins. Rob did clarify that later, but I kind of assumed the bridle did come with reins and it obviously didn’t. $80.00 is not at all unreasonable for reins, it’s just more than I want to spend on reins right now.


    1. There has been discussion about reins vs no reins… the consensus was that it’s more desirable for riders to be able to pick whatever style reins they want, or use the reins they already have and spend less $, so bridles will be less reins (we’ll talk about all that in a later, more applicable review, since this one is just for the breastplate). I was told that that would be made more clear going forward though!


      1. I read some of the Facebook discussions (one particular thread that I had been following/commenting on that was later deleted) after a bit of an argument. I totally understand that, it just was not clear one way or the other from the beginning, but it was clear after a few of the discussions that I saw.


    2. To clarify, I didn’t buy a bridle. Rob sent it to me free of charge after I helped find some pricing info online for some other well known bridle brands. He sent it to me free of charge for my help. The less than customer service friendly comment was unnecessary. He was defending his brand against someone who thought they were right on his brands Facebook page. I didn’t expect free reins, I was not swindled. I just was unsure if the bridle came with reins, both with my free bridle and after that when seeing the eBay listings and reading the info on the brand Facebook page.


  5. You know my thoughts. In this price point Lund tack is leaps and bounds ahead of other brands in the quality, durability, and details. I have not been kind to my stuff and it still cleans up beautifully.

    I need to share my review soon 🙂


  6. VERY intrigued, and curious to see the 3-point as I may want one as I get more into foxhunting! Do they make smaller sizes, or just standard horse size for now? That kind of quality in that price point is truly unbelievable. Sedgwick leather is the


    1. They do cob, horse/full, and oversize. Henry is in a horse, seems to run pretty true to size. I believe they will have exact measurements for everything though, so it should be pretty simple to tell in advance what the fit will be like.


  7. I have absolutely no need for a breastplate… but is it wrong that I want THIS ONE simply because it is pretty and NAVY?


  8. Do you know where or who is manufacturing? I’ve been watching their products and they look quite nice but also wondering if a certain factory that I know of is making them 🙂


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