It’s Time: Top 5 Custom Christmas Gifts

Yeah yeah, I know, it’s not even Halloween, calm down with Christmas already.

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I’m not really ready to hear about it yet either, but all the best things are custom, and custom stuff has longer lead times (especially around the holidays) so really – now is the time to start thinking about gifts and getting stuff ordered. Plus I come bearing coupon codes and order cutoff dates, therefore this post is totally valid. Hang in there.

Without further ado, my top 5 picks for affordable custom Christmas gifts (in no particular order because that’s just impossible)…

Hamer & Clay custom ornaments


Hamer & Clay‘s custom ornaments/magnets are always incredibly popular and once her list is full, that’s it, so definitely order these soon if you’re gonna. Everybody knows that her stuff is one of my favorite things to give, and the prices are super reasonable (they start at only $22!). Plus, she was so kind as to offer my readers 15% off with coupon code Gohennygo. Knock yourselves out, order a dozen, and have fun with them.

Boy-O-Boy Bridleworks custom accessories


My love for Boy-O-Boy Bridleworks is also no secret, and their stuff makes a great Christmas gift as well. They offer belts, dog collars, leashes, browbands, and a few other things in whatever colors/pattern you choose, plus embroidery options to make it even more personalized. The deadline to guarantee Christmas delivery on custom orders is 11/25, or for items in stock colors (assuming they still have the size you need) is 12/10. They also offer a discount when you order 4 or more identical custom items (matching belts and/or browbands in barn colors, anyone?). I get tons of compliments on my Boy-O-Boy belt, the workmanship is amazing.

Deco Pony custom stall guards


I ordered a Deco Pony stall guard for Trainer last year and it was a huge hit. They look great as part of the stabling set up at shows, plus they’re easy to pack and wipe clean. It’s truly the perfect gift for someone that shows a lot. The cutoff date for Christmas delivery is December 1, and you want to make sure to give yourself time to pick a good design, get logos together, make sure everything is exactly how you want it, etc. Earlier is better! Bonus – mention this blog and get $5 off your order!

Valentine Equine custom pinney

Know an eventer that already has everything? They probably don’t have a custom pinney from Valentine Equine. These are super affordable at only $60-65 AUD, or right under $50 USD. They offer a single color or a two color option, in literally whatever colors you want… if they don’t have it, they will dye a batch for you. Words that make an eventer’s heart go pitter patter. Of course, keep in mind that they’re an Australian company so aside from the normal lead times for a custom item, you should also allow extra time for shipping.

It’s a Haggerty’s custom sunshirts


We might be headed into winter now, but the sun will be back before you know it… unless you’re in the South, where it’s basically summer all year. It’s a Haggerty’s offers custom sunshirts in any color combo you want, plus FREE embroidery. You can get one in your barn colors, your XC colors, or just whatever colors you damn well please, with any logo or monogram. They even have patterned fabrics or collar/cuff accents if you’re into something more bold. The prices are great too, only $50-55 (plus a discount on orders larger than 10)!


21 thoughts on “It’s Time: Top 5 Custom Christmas Gifts

          1. I placed a barn order this year for the sun shirts. Quality/cut/fit/fabric is good but the communication with Haggerty’s was horrific. I may order from them again because this shirts are great. I just caution those who wish to buy several to be prepared for a little frustration before the order is complete.


              1. I want to reinforce again that the shirts themselves are great. However, the person I communicated with literally could not put a coherent text together (I had no idea what they were even getting at), lost the sizes/colors for the order (twice), and got unnecessarily defensive when I expressed concern about my order. I was holding my breath when I opened the box because I didn’t know what I would find. Everything was perfect with the product. I’m hopeful that in time the communication and organization within the company can be as good as their product.


  1. the hammer & clay ornament was maybe one of the most rewarding gifts i’ve ever given – esp as i got to sit and watch as the realization hit her that it was a portrait of her and her horse. the details were so perfect and accurate!


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