TBT: Back in the Day

How’s this for a throwback Thursday? I got an email in my inbox from Photobucket the other day, which I totally forgot I even had. Ten plus years ago that was where I uploaded all my pictures, but it’s been forever since I even logged into that account. Looking back through all those albums was a trip! Here were a few of my favorites… I hope you find them as entertaining as I did.

 photo untitled.jpg
Quinn (the horse) 2006-ish. Never again, hunter ring. Never again.


 photo onmax3.jpg
Max, the reason I can no longer go to horse auctions.


 photo novacanter1.jpg
Nova, around 2003 or 2004 I think. Those custom Journeyman chaps were my high school graduation present.


 photo sadiewestonfeb.jpg
Sadie and her “brother” Weston. Sadie was the UGLIEST weanling ever.


 photo puddles.jpg
Puddles, aka MsRidiculous, circa 1998. Fastest Children’s Eq round of the day, I’m sure…


 photo HorseShow6-10OxerSchool.jpg
I’ve been a mane sniffer for a long time, y’all.


 photo Mvc-007f.jpg
Almost falling off Charlie when he tripped in the Training water at MCP in 2002. Back then Training just had a flagged entry and a small jump out. Level creep is real.


 photo Amanda2.jpg
17yo me, with Monte the Argentinian “warmblood”. Yes I had a tattoo choker.


 photo 5a3a2fe5.jpg
My first warmblood inspection – BWP in 2003


 photo 25e2f6cf.jpg
Bo, the horse that first got me into the Danzig line (Henry is also a Danzig). Note that rad hunt cap.


 photo Hope2.jpg
Sadie’s dam, just a few months before Sadie was born. Mule ears are genetic.


 photo maytrot2.jpg
That time I had a western horse…


 photo 2yr7.jpg
Sadie as a 2yo, learning the ways of the world with her first saddling.


 photo 1stshowpro3.jpg
Sadie as a 3yo at her first show ❤


Riding the Dutch stallion Kinnaras



37 thoughts on “TBT: Back in the Day

  1. ha ha ha ha i have an old photobucket account too and bet Sadie, Max and that Gray pony (Gracie?)are in there too! Some of your photos were from my farm. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH memories HA.

    Great flashbacks! Thanks for sharing.


    1. Remember how the hunt caps had a clear detachable harness and we would snap it in before shows, because the only helmet rule back then was that juniors had to have a harness on their helmet? HA.


          1. I definitely remember leaving mine out in the sun so it would turn all purple and faded. And how it was the thing to have your puke green side zip breeches super baggy… though those things didn’t stretch at all so really I don’t know how we would have moved in them otherwise.


      1. I think a lot of the times it is. haha. Of the two I’ve raised, Copper went through a lot more ugly than Robin did. Though she only grew to 14.2 so her growthyness was short lived. 😉


  2. These are AMAZING. A) I want the back story on Max B) those chaps might be the best thing ever and thanks for reminding me that we used to wear full chaps…. I wasn’t cool enough for fringe though…


    1. Man, I really thought I’d posted about Max a while back but I can’t find anything so I guess maybe I didn’t. I went to the local auction with a friend, just for fun, and ended up buying the pony for $325 because I felt so bad for him. He was TERRIFIED. Like, wouldn’t let you near his hind end level of terrified. I had the old cowboy/horse trader that used to own him actually follow me out into the parking lot and tell me that the pony was dangerous and would “kill my kids”. Uh yeah, I don’t have any kids, so no worries. The pony cowered behind me when the man came up to us. Poor thing. He was a serious project in desensitization but he came around.

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  3. What a blast from the past. Literally had that exact hunter ring outfit – skunk stripe gpa, blue show shirt, light grey jacket, puke green tailoreds – and thought I was the coolest. I feel the need to post this to Instagram. Don’t get me started on the chaps, except mine didn’t have fringe. Jealous.


  4. I got a pair of Journeyman when I turned 18! Loved those things. Still have them somewhere…. I should probably find those.
    Love all these old pics, especially that one of you and Monte. You look so happy up there!


  5. Super far behind over here but had to comment bc A- I love post like these and looking back at past horses and memories and stuff, and B- bc that pic of your Charlie tripping in the water actually feels like it might be a peek into my own future, given my own Charlie’s extreme tripping habit lol


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