The only political post you’ll ever see here

There are a lot of things that I have felt in my 33 years as an American. Pride being the most common one… I am not the flag-waving, Constitution-thumping American that some of my friends are, but I have always been proud to be an American. Sure, sometimes I’ve been frustrated to be an American, or worried to be an American, but pride has always been the overwhelming majority. This morning I woke up with a totally different feeling: fear. Today I woke up feeling scared to be an American. As I set off on my morning run I found myself constantly looking over my shoulder, afraid of what it means to be a woman in Trump’s America.

Aside from fear, I also feel sorry… very deeply sorry. To all of my LGBTQ friends, to all of my Hispanic friends, to all of my African-American friends, to all of my Muslim friends, to all of my disabled friends, to all of my women friends, to anyone that has felt discriminated against or alienated by the Trump campaign and it’s affects: I am so sorry. I’m sorry that we as a nation have chosen to condone and even, somehow, reward this kind of behavior and exclusionary rhetoric. To all of my foreign friends who tried to warn us: I’m sorry we didn’t listen.

But if there’s one other thing that has been instilled in me as an American, it is hope. I refuse to give in to cynicism, and instead choose to proceed with skepticism. I am skeptical that a campaign driven by insults, lies, and fear mongering can result in something different, but I am hopeful that it will. I hope that the man we have elected into office realizes the gravity of his words and actions, for now they have the potential to do irreparable harm. The fear and dread that have now taken root via a knot in my stomach are real, but I am hopeful that I’m wrong. I hope that Mr. Trump is a wildly successful president. I hope that I look back on this post a year from now and feel silly for having written it. And mostly I hope that despite what so many of us are feeling now, we are ultimately able to prove that Americans are still inherently good, still unfailingly decent, and still compassionately kind to one another. We need it now more than ever.

28 thoughts on “The only political post you’ll ever see here

  1. As we got into bed to try (and fail) to sleep last night, this is what I said to my fiancé. “I’m scared”. Maybe tomorrow I’ll have the hope and the attitude to keep trying to be a good person and do what I can, but today, I’m just scared.


  2. I would love to be as optimistic as you are in your last paragraph, but right now I just can’t be. I’m sad for our country, I’m embarrassed that those were our two “best” options, and I’m afraid and scared to see where we are by 2021. I kept checking the election results last night, hoping and praying that it wasn’t really happening. Today, I’m pretty speechless and extremely saddened…I don’t know where we go from here.


  3. I am sad on so many levels. As a woman. As a mom. As a 20+ year retired veteran. As an American. However I do think this was a good thing for our democracy. Clearly people are frustrated with our government and the results of this election should awaken our policy makers that we can’t keep doing the same thing. Even though I diid not vote for Trump I am proud that our nation’s people took a stand to make a change. I am sitting here crying because I’m afraid that the impetuous of the change was fear and that is not a good foundation – we are certainly standing on dangerous ground. I can only hope we as a nation learn from our mistakes (past and present). I hope we can weather this storm. But I am genuinely afraid.


    1. I don’t think that this was “making a stand to make a change”, because with ALL the power in Republican hands, it will be business as usual – and I do mean *business*. The trend towards corporate and capitalist hegemony will just accelerate, and this won’t help the “forgotten” older white, less educated male cohort who are Trump’s base. What will happen when they realize that he isn’t Jesus, that he’s just a narcissist blowhard who made enormous, impossible promises (a wall? millions of jobs? deport 11 million Mexicans?) It certainly is a green light to the enterprises that abuse animals on an industrial scale, and kiss the environment goodbye, along with health insurance for millions of Americans. I am particularly sick at heart about the Tennessee Walking Horse – although I’m a Canadian, I have been involved from afar in the struggle to end the torture of soring. But I think now it’s RIP the Past Act (Prevent All Soring Tactics) and RIP the recent executive order by Obama to amend the Horse Protection Act by banning stacks and chains. Another four years of torture and misery for the horses, and the big lickers are dancing in the streets. (It is on record that Trump intends to “erase the Obama administration”.) I remember how frightened I was during the Cuban Missile Crisis. I’m more frightened now.

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  4. My family sat in horrified silence last night watching the election from Canada. Even the newscaster was struggling. I am so sorry for you all! This is a strong reminder that fear, ignorace and hate are powerful motivators. But compassion and unity are far stronger and I pray your country finds its way out of this.


  5. Thank you for this post. I too am scared. I have many reasons to be. I am a woman. I am an African American. My sister is a Muslim, and my best friend of 26 years is an Irish immigrant (hopefully her green card will help her). I have a whole lot less optimism. And those who say they are happy our country to a stand, still goes to show that there is very much a lack of understanding and empathy for minorities. Yes we as Americans need things to change but not setting us backwards 60+ years. My parents lived through Jim Crown. To know that they actually had to legally bow to to whites, couldn’t go into a store, a bathroom, or drink from the same water fountain as a white, my mother had to step off the sidewalk and walk across the street because it was not allowed to walk on the same sidewalk as a white person. And now her we have a president who seems he would make this world a reality again. It is so sad to see how one man has divided a nation racially. Luckily our government is run on checks and balances and he can’t just do all the things he said he was going to do (cough cough, WALL). Amanda you feel like you are looking over your shoulder, and you should be. But imagine the Hispanics, the African American men. I feel the same way but it’s mostly because who of my “friends” are secret bigots? I am glad to here you are not. I just keep telling myself it is only 4 years (or less if they impeach him on something he does stupid). Sorry such a long response. I go play horses now and forget about this for a few hours.


  6. I wasn’t sure how I was going to react to this election if he was elected. But as I sat in complete horror, waiting and hoping that this was just a nightmare, I realized i was more interested in this than ever before. I am sick, angry, and full of sadness. Why is there so much hate in the world? How did hate win? I was bullied throughout my school career, and now we’ve elected the biggest bully I’ve come across.


  7. i’m struggling pretty hard over here.

    i live in a deep blue city, in a reliably blue state. i am a data analyst and mathematician and avid follower of number crunchers like nate silver. everything i know and have surrounded myself with left me completely unprepared for this outcome.

    your post is the right tone tho. it’s the right attitude. i’m sad right now, sure. but the only choice is to keep moving forward.


  8. I love this post. Be hopeful. We have nothing to fear,,, but fear itself.
    I do believe the media has created more BS about both candidates. Hold fast. America Love my fellow Americans. Spread understanding. Be kind to each other. Build each other up. Us. All of us. No more hate from any side. We are all in this together. Hate can only exist if we buy into it. Buy into Hope.


  9. You put to words my exact sentimentsame. All of it. There’s a pit of anxiety and fear in my stomach but I am too goddamned stubborn to give into it. I choose to be hopeful. I choose to volunteer my time and abilities to help where I can. I choose to be optimistic that my actions and those of others will help this country move forward in a way that we can look back on and be proud of and not shake our heads about.

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  10. Fighting anxiety and feelings of dread. Today was one of those days where I desperately wished I could wake from the very bad dream I must be having.

    The only bright side I can find, is that with Trump’s party holding the presidency, house and senate, the responsibility for what goes down in the next two years will be laid directly at their feet. The midterm elections will be here before we know it. That’s all the hope I can manage…


  11. As somebody living outside of America (the UK), I am so sorry that you’ve had to see this happen to you. I woke up this morning to see our media reports of the outcome, and watched them with fear, as I am sure a lot of our country did. I can only imagine how amplified the fear that you are all feeling will be. People here are scared, even in a distant country, most of us fell asleep yesterday with the polls tipping a win for the democrats, the reality we saw this morning was a harsh shock. I cannot understand how a man who instills so much fear in so many people, even those miles away from his leadership, can be given such responsibility. All I really have to say is I’m sorry, and I truly hope that this situation turns out better for you than you anticipate in this dark moment.

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  12. I’m in Oz and I’m scared and sad too… Sad for you. Sad for my home country of the UK after Brexit. Scared that this is becoming a global phenomenon and we’re next (Pauline Hanson our current token racist redneck politician is just about dancing with joy). Stay strong USA. We’re all hoping for you to come through.

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