Guess who came over to play?

Herrlerr!!!! Well… and Bobby too, I guess.

The boys!

It rained a lot last week but the field at my barn dries exceptionally fast. The soil is a bit sandier than most areas around here, which seems to make all the difference. Because of all the rain, Halo hasn’t gotten to gallop for a while (he has this gross thing where he has to be able to clear his nose out really well all the time or he starts to reek of rotten food. Tie back surgery issues. Long story.) and Bobby said he was starting to get really stinky, so after clearing it with the barn owner I invited him over to ride. Henry can’t gallop yet, but he can supervise.

Bobby requires adult supervision

We trotted a few laps with Halo (Henry can’t keep up with him, even trotting), cantered a slow lap, and then hung back and watched him fly around the field. The footing really was perfect – just soft enough to be springy, but not so soft as to make any divots. Halo seemed thrilled. I’m not willing to say that I missed Bobby (gross… although I know for sure he’s missed me) but it was fun to have someone to ride with again. Henry and Halo slipped right back into their “wise older brother vs annoying younger brother” roles without missing a beat.


On Sunday I went out in the arena and set up two tiny jumps… some barrels, and a 2’6″ vertical with placing poles. Not much, but our first fences for like two months! I cantered him over both of them a few times (he basically started cantering in place when he realized we were jumping) and called it quits. At this point I live day by day with my fingers crossed, hoping that he stays sound.

Today he gets to go into his own normal sized paddock for the first time. The turnouts are totally dry now, and he’s been well-behaved in his round pen turnout, so everything is as ready as it’ll ever be. Hopefully he can keep his brain glued in and continue to behave himself.

Holy crap, it’s IN the barn!

But, you know… this IS Henny we’re talking about, so we’ll see. Please stay out of trouble, horse.

18 thoughts on “Guess who came over to play?

  1. I leased a mare a million years ago that had tie back surgery and food used to come out her nose. I guess that’s a fairly common issue with that surgery?
    I’m glad Bobby and Halo got to have a play date AND that you got to jump! Yay!


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