Sadie’s Newest Potential Suitor?

Poor Sadie… two babies by two different dudes and here we are planning #3 by yet another. She’s like a walking episode of Jerry Springer. Such is the life of a broodmare.


This will be her first foal where the sire possibilities are truly wide open. Her first one was by Mezcalero, using up a breeding when a different mare that was booked to him failed to become pregnant. Then of course 2016’s breeding was my choice, and I went for the high blood % eventer baby daddy. But next year is the first year where she’ll be bred with the express purpose of selling the foal, looking to produce something for the hunter/hunter derby ring.

Sadie, of course, was originally bred to be a hunter. She’s by Westporte, who was a successful hunter and now a successful sire in his own right. He really stamps his foals with good movement and amateur-friendly temperaments. I’ve loved him since the first time I laid eyes on him in 2005 and to this day he remains a sentimental favorite.

I mean, HUBBA ❤

Of course, I’m not involved in hunterland anymore but I still keep an eye on it, from a breeding perspective. Which stallions are consistently producing hunters, which ones are imported and continue to compete as stallions, how do the offspring look, etc. I want a good mover, a consistently good jumper that uses it’s whole body well, one that seems rideable, and of course – he has to be beautiful. To be honest, a lot of them just don’t wow me. And of course, many of the best ones end up gelded, because it’s a heck of a lot easier to show a gelding. Trying to breed for the hunter ring is hard, considering that very few of the really good ones were actually purpose bred for the sport. But there is one in particular that I’ve keep a close watch on all season: Cosmeo.

He competed as a jumper before being brought over to the US (2016 was his first year of showing here so he’s still learning the ropes) and he’s got a great Holsteiner pedigree. He’s strong in areas where Sadie is a bit weaker, and conversely I think Sadie’s best qualities will compliment him in other areas. This one could potentially be a really good match. Plus, let’s be honest, chrome doesn’t hurt when you’re trying to sell hunter babies. We’ll see who Michelle ultimately goes with, but I think he’s the front runner. Hunter crowd – what do you think?

I think the other two mares are still up in the air. If choosing the right hunter stallion is hard, choosing the right jumper stallion is impossible, especially when you want to use frozen from a European based stallion. There are so many good ones! She keeps asking for my input but I think I’m even more crippled by indecision on these. Just for fun (because it’s Thursday, and everyone needs more fun in their life on a Thursday) who would you pick for these girls?



Laken is currently doing a very good job of cooking that little Balou du Rouet baby

I won’t say my favorites yet. Mostly because I’ve got several for each mare…

24 thoughts on “Sadie’s Newest Potential Suitor?

  1. I’m a huge Cartier R fan. Cassini I and Acorado show up in lots of top hunters’ pedigrees. He throws size, bling, and fantastic temperaments. He’s doing really well in the AO hunters, but also spent some time in the jumper ring. His first babies are just old enough to be getting backed so not yet proven. I bred my daughter of Coconut Grove/granddaughter of Mezcalero to him last year, but we had a horribly awful foaling experience that (thankfully) my mare survived, but the foal did not. All the vets who participated advised not breeding the mare again unless we use a surrogate. My bank account and emotions are still recovering so we are a least a few years away from considering that option, but if I do I will definitely use Cartier.


  2. I know nothing about breeding, but lately I’ve really enjoyed the game of judging rounds so… I’m going to judge the video. I really like a lot about this guy — and brain is super, super important I think — which he seems to have. I do wish he was a little flatter through the knee in his movement, although he is wonderfully balanced, uphill and has a great step for the hunters. I also feel like he unfolds just a second too soon — he’d look more “brilliant” with more airtime. Then again, that’s being pretty picky!!

    I’m interested to hear what others think.


    1. I didn’t want to critique him too much here since he isn’t mine, but I do agree that he could use less knee at the trot (Sadie has a better trot), and sometimes he does unfold a touch soon (or really – is a bit loose below the knee). I’m interested to see how he does as he gains more experience in his new job. I don’t think he’s always impressed with the smaller fences in hunterland compared to where he came from! I thought it was a good testament to both him and his team that he made it to International Derby Finals this year considering he did his first hunter show in March. He’s also been shown this fall in the pro divisions by a 13yo girl!


  3. I really like the hunter studly…despite the fact that he’s bay. Poor Sadie and her broodmare life. Tis so hard to eat and wait for spring. I do think we need progress pictures of her pregnancy…or is my fat mare the only one that looks hella pregnant already? lol


    1. I follow all the major registries (well mostly just the jumping ones), watch offspring videos, pay attention to their foal auctions, etc. The Horse Magazine (Australian based) has fantastic breeding articles as well, and they’re online. Some registries also keep track of the heritability of what each stallion is throwing (kwpn is great at this) and all of that information can be accessed online as well.


  4. I’m a sucker for Casall and Diarado, all the babies I rode by them are freaking crazy talented and super friendly. I also have a soft spot for Contiano because he’s the first stallion I ever handled and rode and Chicardo because he was there too, athough I never did get to sit my butt on that one.


  5. That hunter stallion is super dreamy. Picking a stallion is so overwhelming. When we finally found one that ticked all the boxes for our mare and loved the outcome, we just bred back to the same guy. The discount since the breeder loved the outcome too didn’t hurt. As far as jumper stallions go, my two favorites right now are Capitol Colnardo–makes everything look like an eq round and is really starting to mature well and come into himself, but is also very careful and textbook with his way of going–and Flexible–I have a thing for red-headed Irish Sporthorses, but also, it’s Flexible. But of course choosing a stallion you love, and one that you love for your mare are not the same thing.


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