Best. Gifts. Ever.

Aside from XC schooling, the other reason I went to Pine Hill on Saturday was to watch my friend Michelle (of Willow Tree Warmbloods) ride her pony in the Buck Davidson clinic. I love me some Buck, so I was sad to have missed being able to ride with him this year, but getting to stand in the ring during a couple lessons and listen/watch was still fun.

Side note: I did pause from taking pictures long enough to put one Buck-ism into my phone’s notes… “This is not a halfway sport. It’s all or nothing.“. The comment was related to a rider not being proactive enough to get the exercise done, but I thought it was applicable in lots of ways.

But anyway, clinic aside, Michelle also brought me some goodies. Namely, these:

Jumps! Ten standards, a couple boxes, a gate, 3 planks, and some jump cups. This might be the best gift I’ve ever gotten. I mean… I literally had two jumps before, one of which was just a single barrel. Now I pretty much have a whole course! And I didn’t have to pick up a single power tool! At some point I’ll paint them all and do some minor repairs, but for now, they certainly get the job done.

my jump field is legit AF now

I also asked SO for a couple more barrels for Xmas (good news: since that one time I asked for a poop cart, he no longer even flinches at my weird gift requests. Who would ever want jewelry when you could have poop carts and plastic barrels? I wonder what he tells his friends about me…) since they’re so versatile. I could use them as jump standards or as filler or as just a jump by themselves. Plus I want to make a couple of short little 3’6″ standards to use in conjunction with my little white barrel to make a corner. And rails, I need more rails, but those are easy enough to acquire. Plus I want to make one of these:

Michelle also brought me a couple of paintings from Henry’s 2016 show season, and they’re gorgeous as usual. I love that she uses my colors, it really ups the level of awesome.

Don’t forget that a painting from Michelle is one of the prizes for winning the logo contest… you have a couple more weeks left to get entries in. It looks like we’ll be adding more prizes, too!

24 thoughts on “Best. Gifts. Ever.

  1. i tried to make a chevron jump once and failed miserably at it haha. hopefully you have better luck than i did!

    also i think i’d really enjoy watching a buck clinic. or riding in one haha. either way, really!

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    1. When I say “I” want to make something, what I really mean is that I want to talk someone else into making it for me. Because really, I’m a superglue and duct tape kind of girl.


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