Favorite Swag Items?

Since Britt oh-so-masterfully provided Willow Tree Warmbloods with a fancy new logo


Michelle and I have been brainstorming about what all we want to put it on. I’m a fan of basically anything and everything you can personalize, and in this day and age that includes everything from hats to vests to tech shirts to jackets to polos to belts to socks to saddle pads to fly bonnets to coolers to banners to stall guards to stickers to decals to sunshirts. Just to name a few things. Not that I’ve thought about it.


So, um, obviously I can quickly spiral wildly out of control. Michelle isn’t much help here, because we both have the same OMG YES LETS PUT A LOGO ON THAT reaction when we find something we like. Someone needs to reign us in.

Image result for dory light gif

Michelle decided that we should start a list. Not a list with everything we can possibly think of to slather a logo on (which is what my list looks like), but a list that makes the most sense. I’m guessing I prooooobably don’t need 15 items of WTW logo clothing (or do I?) or a custom batch of Dreamers and Schemers socks (OR DO I???).

So, general public that probably has considerably more self control than we do, we ask: what are your very favorite logo’d swag items? What are your essentials when it comes to repping your barn or favorite business?

37 thoughts on “Favorite Swag Items?

  1. Gah I’m with you on the LOGO ON EVERYTHING boat. But right now I’ve got it limited to: hat, a couple polo shirts, saddle pad, vest, jacket, and bumper sticker. Enough to rep the logo without it being too too in your face. Of course now I have so many ideas for other things I want to slap the logo on, so thank you for that.


    1. I’ll be honest, a custom sunshirt is going to happen, no one can “practical” me out of that. Also decals. Also hat. Also saddle pad. Also jacket. Here’s the problem, I have a good argument for literally everything.

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  2. i like hats, decals (I would totally put one on my trailer and advertise WTW up here in the NorthEast), and i think the saddle pads are so classy with the logos! (I also like everything else you mention but trying to be conservative :)) HA


  3. omg that picture of you going through the water – is that at AEC’s?? its BEAUTIFUL.

    also where did you get the tech shirt from… asking for a friend

    personally i love magnets and stickers ๐Ÿ˜› and decals on trailers. and hats. I REALLY LOVE hats. especially that ogilvy hat its awesome.


  4. For me repping my barn, a coat, a polo and a saddle/baby pad are bare minimum. l am picky about hats but that would also be a great one. And for me, personally, I love vests and sunshirts, so I’d be all about that as well, but perhaps are more second round items after the staples are secured. My last trainer had her logo uploaded to her sowing machine so basically if it could go into her machine, we could have fancy custom embroidered items! It was the best.

    Things that are sticky and leave residue give me a BIG ick factor, but magnets would be cool. Stall signs and/or stall guards would also class up a barn aisle at shows for sure.

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  5. Amanda this did not help…now I have MORE ideas of things we NEED ๐Ÿ™„ Lol OMG I’m so excited!!! I like the idea of getting a machine and embroidering everything…


  6. Baseball hats and saddle pads are frequent flyers for me! I use those over and over, take them everywhere with me and use photos of them on social media. Great bang for your buck, IMO

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  7. Would love a softshell jacket, sun shirt, baseball cap, etc.
    I think for us we’ve been slacking on the team swag lately, so I think we’ll start with Jackets and Hats.
    We did patches long ago that got sewn onto saddle pads and that worked well too.
    This post is enabling me to want to embroider EVERYTHING!!!

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  8. saddle pads, sun shirts, jackets, decals for the basics. The custom socks I’ve seen on instagram are pretty cool looking. I also like the idea of bonnets with either the embroidered design, sewn on patch or iron on.

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  9. I think I’ve seen custom everything come through work: coolers, tote bags, saddle pads, shirts, jackets, hats, saddle covers, headbands, scarves, bonnets, etc. I have not seen underwear (yet).

    Our embroiderer is a fan of saddle pads that aren’t super thick and softshell jackets. She hates it when we give her awkwardly shaped stuff or really large things. Screenprinting seems to work best for that stuff.

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  10. I love all of it! But the ones with the most visibility and that will see the most use are hats and saddle pads. After that, I would do coolers and/or scrim sheets.

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  11. Softshell jackets, fleece quarter-zips, saddle pads, and bags. Everything else I’m somewhat meh on though obviously happy to get it as gifts. Our barn gave lovely etched glass tumblers with the barn logo for Christmas this year, but I’m not sure I would’ve bought one for myself. I can hold down the “boring & practical” end of this conversation!

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    1. Additional thought- you need a mare shirt with all of the broodmare’s names on it like the Dutch version you have. Maybe the WTW logo could go on the back then?

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  12. Fly sheets. Useful when the farrier comes in mid fly season. And all the jumpers and hunters at WEF all turn up at the ring with fly sheets with logos on them. If you’re into that sort of thing.


  13. Jackets, polo shirts, saddle pads, SCRIM SHEETS, and hoodies. Basically anything I can put on my body and walk around to show off who I ride with!


  14. We have waterbottles which were a huge hit and magnets (as well as the typical saddle pads, polos, ect.). The magnets stick onto cars, trailers, lockers, everything.


  15. Hats
    Jacket/vest (partial to barn logo on back and my name on front)
    Polo shirts

    I appreciate things that don’t break the bank–I’m probably never going to buy a custom cooler just for the logo because I’m stingy as shit.


  16. I don’t understand these limits you’re pushing. LOGO ALL THE THINGS!
    But maybe start with saddle pads (or baby pads), jackets, hats, and sun shirts.
    I should have a logo contest so I can finally get some stuff made for my barn.


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