Today is 330 of Sadie’s pregnancy and she’s still hanging in there. Yesterday she started biting the stall walls a bit and smooshing her butt into things… last time she did that for about 3 days before she foaled, so I’m hoping she’s going to repeat the same pattern. Funny, because last time she went 332 or 333 days (there is some debate on breeding date) so she’s literally on the exact same schedule so far. If she foals in 2-3 days I will give her extra treats for consistency (did you hear that, mare???).

How to give both of your moms a heart attack

In the meantime Michelle gave me access to the stall cameras so that I can see Sadie myself (sorry, it’s all part of their home security system so I can’t give it out to everyone). Really I think it’s because at least 4 times a day I was texting her asking how Sadie was and Michelle was tired of my shit. Either way, now I can pull up Sadie’s camera whenever I want! Which has been a lot. Like… A LOT. Sometimes I can’t stop watching her. Granted, most of the day she usually stands outside in her paddock where I can’t see her, but that doesn’t stop me from checking compulsively. And then taking screenshots when she does anything remotely interesting.

like standing in her food pan
or visiting with her bird friends
or trying to sit in her water
or smooshing her butt into the wall
or telling Michelle to text me and ask for extra cookies
or just generally looking huge and cute

It’s FatMareTV 24/7 around here! Love having the cameras though, it’s lessening my anxiety a little bit. This morning she looks even more uncomfortable, keeping her butt pressed against the back wall and alternating between biting at her sides and attacking the stall wall. It’s definitely ramping up. I swear her topline looks a bit different today too, like her shape is changing.

When they’re not feeling totally miserable, this is what she and Lissa spend most of the day doing:

They’re pretty adorable.

Know what else is adorable? These teeny new Quillin foal halters with Willow Tree Warmbloods plates. They’re all ready for their babies!

Let’s get this show on the road!

39 thoughts on “FatMareTV

  1. Whew, when I was that bulky I would have appreciated a massage from a friend! 😉 Sadie looks great, although huge, and I don’t blame her at all for trying to smoosh that baby out. So exciting for you!


  2. She’s SO close! Paige is a couple weeks behind her and is hella miserable. I can sympathize with you about the near heart attacks because when I went to feed last night my mare didn’t come in…she normally walks in with her buddy but I had to go look for her in the dark and I was having heart palpitations until I found her sleeping on the opposite side of the barn. These mares…phew.


  3. omg the picture of her with her foot in the food pan was so cute. god i really love horses.

    the video of her being uncomfortable and pissy was kinda funny too. like she cant yell at her good for nothing husband to bring her food and rub her feet.


  4. I see trying to convince the birds to get that thing out of her didn’t work. Must smoosh and bite walls more. Hurry up mare, we are waiting!

    But not too fast, let’s not tear things. Just make it come out, and when it does, at a normal pace. And then Amanda will give you all the cookies.


  5. I am so jealous of the security system. I drove people crazy with my relentless asking of how my mare was doing. I can’t help but think they are cute even when miserably pregnant. I can’t help but empathize with them, even though I have never had a baby myself. I am excited for foal to be born!


  6. I know nothing of these things, but that really sounds like she’s ready to go any day! If I had access to pony.tv I would never get anything done. It would just be staring at the ponies all day every day. I’d lose my job I’m pretty sure.
    Those halters are adorable! Can’t wait to see them with tiny little faces in them!


  7. Valeria’s top line literally disappeared some time Sunday night and her vulva has gotten loooong. But her udders are still pathetic. I’m glad someone else is checking cameras as often as mine. Maybe they will foal on the same dates. Lol
    Also, you mare laying down would have scared the crap out of me. 😐
    Hope you get a fuzzy little baby soon!


          1. That’s a total possibility. I have the paperwork from her breeding but it could have been mixed up. She is kind of lining up for a March 12 due date and my vet calculated that for me.
            I don’t mind a later date, it’s just killing if she is actually overdue.


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