FatMareTV becomes AngryMareTV

Time to rename this network. Sadie’s not just a fat mare anymore, she’s an ANGRY fat mare. And she isn’t shy about hiding the fact that she’s uncomfortable. She’s taking it out on basically any non-living thing that she can get her teeth or feet on. Stall wall, fence, water bucket… whatever’s in her way is fair game. Y’all got a glimpse of it in my post the other day but that was really just the beginning of her rage.

This is exactly what she did before she had her last foal, so this behavior is apparently standard for pre-baby Sadie. But damn, girl is pissed. Not at people, of course, or her BFF Lissa, but inanimate objects beware.

Image result for hulk smash gif

She was really raging mad on Tuesday night/Wednesday morning and stayed raging mad during the day on Wednesday, so I thought for sure we were gearing up for go time.

But then she was only kinda sorta mad on Wednesday night, pretty normal yesterday, and just sorta mad again last night. Still no change in the milk test either. Come on mare, wtf? Although her milk definitely looks like real milk now, and her udder is quite full, and her vulva is giant (sorry, TMMI – too much mare information). Physically, she’s ready.

Exactly how much more pregnant would you like to get???

I give up on trying to guess what the anger means, too. It just means she’s an angry mare, apparently, because I still ain’t got no baby.

Image result for annoyed gif

Going back through the overnight clips, I think this particular series is my favorite, where she tried to murder her feed pan.

Meanwhile Lissa is equally miserable but she tends to just lay there and grunt, or stand there and look pathetic and yet still totally beautiful. I’m starting to think they’re dragging this out on purpose because they’re drama queens.

Really this is probably all my fault, because I packed my go-bag on Tuesday and made all kinds of preparations to be gone for several days. Shouldn’t have done that. Horses can always sense when people are prepared, and they hate that crap.

Image result for waiting gif


34 thoughts on “FatMareTV becomes AngryMareTV

    1. BEKA SMASH!!! I hope you don’t bite the walls, you should see what she’s doing to the wood. I would imagine human teeth on drywall would be similarly destructive.


  1. Paige is biting walls, but not with that gusto! I think she’s more the grunt and look miserable type though she has certainly gotten more affectionate lately, which is bizarre. Come on girls, we need babies!


  2. 🤣 Love that “Prada” gif! I think Sadie and April the Giraffe have both read the manual that states, “Thou shalt not foal/calve when humans are watching.” Get these critters where they know eyes are not upon them and BAM, baby time. I’m only partially kidding!

    *Hope the Big Event is SOON and all goes well*


  3. Kind of reminds me of a video game my brother played: Super Smash Brothers. I’d take Pregnant Sadie any day in that game and whoop some serious ass LOL!

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  4. Lol having been pregnant twice, I kinda get the crazy smashing mood. Maybe the really cranky days she’s having Braxton Hicks ? Do horses do that? Hope she delivers before the barn is torn down.


  5. I imagine that I will be Sadie whenever I have kids… I also think some type of time warp machine would be helpful because I don’t want to wait 5+ years to see New Baby kicking ass on the event circuit!


  6. She is killing me! So hilariously angry! Thank you for documenting it all.

    “Exactly how much more pregnant would you like to get???”
    I might of peed myself a little.

    Soooo uncomfortable. She just wants to love on her baby! And start to get back in shape for bikini season.


  7. While my mare was SO cool, quiet and laid back! Never gave any indication, physical or behavioural, that she was ready to pop. The foaling kit was ready, and I was prepared to bed down in the stable whenever the signs read, “Action stations!” But all was quiet on the baby front, so I said goodnight to her, as usual, and went home. At first light, a stable hand went to give her her breakfast, and lo! There was a lit up little beauty, all cleaned up, and mom calmly eating hay as if delivering a foal all by herself was something she did every day and twice on Sundays.


    1. It’s funny, because when it came to u/s work she was the least marish mare I’ve ever owned. Great work ethic, never any pinned ears. But at baby time.. damn mare.


  8. Wow. I thought my mare had attitude but she’s a demure angel by comparison. Valeria will kick at her belly and back up as reprimand to whatever baby hippo is doing and that’s about it.

    I think at this point we are in a competition to see whose mare holds out the longest. Your Devil Wears Prada pic is the spitting image of me too. Lol

    Here’s hoping you win the contest! Your girl looks way more fed up with pregnant life than mine.


    1. Teeeeeeeeeeeeny change to the milk test today, but I’m not holding my breath. She knows I’m waiting and I’m pretty she’s enjoying driving me nuts.


      1. Yuuuuup. At least you see change. Every time I look at mine’s udder I can tell it’s just more edema. Which is now creeping down her belly. And she’s acting like a Hoover so until I can squeeze out something less yellow, I’m just kicking rocks until she’s ready lol


          1. 😦
            I make Valeria go to the gym and take the 10 minute round pen class because that edema looks awful. It softens up and reduces really well. She may swing her back legs more sideways than forward but I think it helps!


            1. Yeah Sadie is out in the bigger pasture today, trying to roll and run around. It looks more like waddling and staggering, but she’s moving. Her edema isn’t at her bag though, it’s all ventral.


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