The Tough Stuff

Not gonna lie, Presto being sick is hard. Really hard. I’m not much of an emotional person but this week has managed to hit a pretty wide range. When Presto is feeling good, I feel good. When Presto is feeling bad, it’s like my heart is stuck in a vise. Yesterday was one of the latter.

He had a couple of very brief good moments, but for most of the day he obviously felt pretty crappy. His protein had dipped and his electrolytes were out of whack again. We live in a constant cycle of up-down-up-down. By the end of the day his bloodwork was looking better but it was obvious that his tummy was hurting. 

After 7 hours of sitting out there with him, I was drained of positivity and had to leave. If horses really can sense our moods, I didn’t want that around him. I gave the vet my number and she said she’d keep me updated overnight if anything changed. Bless her, I think she’s about to hook me up to a Valium drip and put me on Ulcergard.

He looked pretty bad by that point, and had all of us worried. I talked to her a little before I left and asked her if I was torturing him and she emphatically said no, he’s a fighter and still has a chance, and we should keep giving him one. No one is ready to give up on him yet. They ran him another liter of plasma (he’s full to the gills with plasma by now, he’s had so much) and he perked up a bit. I slept with my phone 6″ from my ear so it would wake me up if she texted again. Everything is just so touch and go with him right now, and he goes up and down so fast. There is constant fear of a bad text or phone call.

Thankfully the vet texted this morning and said he’s feeling good again. Up and nursing and playing a bit. At this point I really just want him to feel better. When he has his good moments he looks so normal and so happy, bucking and playing like any other foal. I want him to feel like that all the time. 

We’ll keep plugging away at it, and keep giving him every opportunity to make it through this. I’ll keep buying as many donuts, sparkling waters, and beers as it takes to keep his vet team going. They’re angels, and of course, big fans of Presto.

40 thoughts on “The Tough Stuff

  1. I guess it’s not the same since Presto is just a baby with a lifetime ahead of him, but I do have a semblance of what you’re going through after Rio’s stay at the hospital for a very oddly presenting case of EPM. I constantly asked if I was doing the right thing, constantly needed to know if I was doing it for me and not for him. But the vets said to keep going and they were right. He’s still here, and I even got to ride him last summer. I’m hoping for an even better outcome for you and Presto. That little guy is tough as nails. Blogland is here supporting you all.

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  2. When my mare lost her foal last year, I thought it was the saddest possible thing that could happen with a horse baby. It really was pretty horrible, but I can’t imagine the foal having arrived and being perfect for 24 hours and THEN having to go through the crapiness that you are experiencing with Presto right now. Cheers to the vet team for helping Presto and you and continued thoughts and prayers that the little guy takes a solid turn for the better and can go home!

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  3. Rooting for Presto, and constantly checking for updates. I’m so sorry this is happening, but he’s so blessed to have people giving so much of themselves to help. Thank you for keeping us updated, even though I’m sure it’s hard. Give him more love from Michigan! My niece and nephew have played his videos over and over. They kiss the phone screen, and adore him.

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  4. Even though he is struggling, keep in mind, every new day he is growing bigger and stronger and able to fight even harder. I wish I could give you a big hug, but that would be weird since I don’t actually know you – so I am sending you a virtual hug (only somewhat less weird right?).

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  5. I keep sending a whole lot of love your way. He’s a tough little guy and he is fighting so hard to get through this. I am checking for updates all the time – just looking forward to more “good” days than “bad” ones.

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  6. Amanda i feel for you and the whole team. UGH. But if the vet says to keep trying by golly let’s keep trying! I hope something turns the corner soon and he feels better more than he feels bad. Sadie doing okay? Vet should totally hook you up to some valium. Keep the faith! We are all pulling for you nonstop!!

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  7. Ugh I think having a foal from your own mare makes it that much more emotional. He’s family. Keep taking a little time for yourself so you don’t get total caregiver fatigue. Keep a beer for yourself in the six-pack. Hope his ups start outnumbering his downs soon.

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  8. Thinking of the sweetest little guy I’ve never met and praying for continued healing and strength. Strength to his human momma, too – hang in there, Amanda! It’s SO HARD to have a sick baby. We’ve got your back and you are ABSOLUTELY doing the right thing! #PrestoWarrior

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  9. stay strong, girl! my heart is breaking for little Presto, but he’s fighting to get better. i’m hoping that the odds are in his favor and that he can get start shifting the balance to having more ‘up’ days than ‘down.’

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  10. I’ve been so busy with with and my own sick mare that I was afraid to check your blog when I came back to it this morning. I am so very happy to hear Presto is still fighting. The up and down roller coaster is the worst, I know. I’ll keep positive thoughts going Presto’s way. Babies have an amazing ability to bounce back. You’ve got a good team and you’re dedicated to his welfare. He couldn’t ask for more.

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  11. It’s such a terrible situation for Presto AND you and his other humans. I continue to send lots of strong and healing vibes to you both. And I know you want to be strong and positive around him to help him. Make sure you give yourself time to fall apart as you need. Take care of yourself as well as the little fighter! We are all rooting for both of you!!

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  12. I found my way to your blog a few weeks ago and have somehow managed to binge read from 2014 to now. All the mule/donkey jokes about Sadie, adorable fluffy Quinn, and the “aha” moment about making Henry part of the family. I’ve felt your ups and downs and I understand each of them. MANY great thoughts to Sadie, Presto, Henry and the rest of the family. I hope everything works out soon.

    Much love from Tucson.

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  13. Oh my gosh, when I read the title I was so afraid it meant you’d lost him… so, SO glad that I was wrong!!!!!

    I don’t comment much, but I follow your blog and “know” you from HGS/MHF/whatever you want to call it, and I’m really pulling for your little dude to rally and pull through. I’d send hugs, but I know you’re not all about the touching, so sending strength and calm instead, and many prayers for Presto!


  14. I’m constantly checking your blog and Instagram, and I’m sure I cannot be alone in doing this. I hope today is another good day for the little fighter. When he gets all healthy again, maybe you should consider changing his name to ‘Like Fuck You Chlostridium’. But I imagine that might be over the character limit… damn. But at least it keeps with the L requirement?


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