Release Date

Presto has had a good week so far. Despite slowly being weaned off of his myriad of medications, his bloodwork has continued to improve.

so itchy

He’s looked so much better, in fact, that the vets have been hinting at sending him home soon. How soon? Maybe this weekend or early next week!

Considering that this little nugget had somewhere around a 10% chance of survival when he first went into the clinic, the mere thought of being able to take him back home is incredibly amazing. Lucky doesn’t even begin to describe it. This kid is made of some tough stuff.

also itchy stuff

We’ll see how the next few days go, and see how the vets are feeling about his progress. He won’t be able to come off of all his medications before he goes home (he’ll be on sucralfate for, oh, I dunno… ever? Ok not that long, but a while.) but considering the veritable pharmacy he WAS on, one or two is pretty manageable. I’m sure all of us will be pretty excited when that IV catheter comes out and the elastikon can come off of his poor little neck.

tiny mane is already unruly

I’m trying not to get ahead of myself and still keep taking it day by day. Babies are incredibly fragile and can go up or down so fast. But, knock on everyone’s nearest wood surface, he’s doing really well right now. The vets don’t really update me anymore unless I specifically inquire, but I know that he’s been increasingly difficult to medicate (which is actually a good thing, it means he feels good enough to protest) and that he’s been pretty darn active, especially in the mornings. Afternoons are for siestas. I’m really hoping that he’s been able to put some weight back on this week so he can start filling out!

I’ve also finally gotten around to tallying up the totals from the Baby Bets contest (oh hey, surprise, all the WTW foals were born within a week) so tomorrow I’ll have the results and pictures of all the babies!

29 thoughts on “Release Date

  1. That’s great news 😉 in so excited to watch this little guy return to normalcy and show us more and more of his personality!


  2. So delighted to hear that he continues to improve and has a potential parole date.
    Love the relationship you have with the vets – they’ve been so great


  3. Awww, he has a proboscis when being itched. Warning, that never goes away, it just turns into proboscis when offended or alarmed as an adult. The ears may have normalised in this generation, but the excess seems to have headed in an upper lip direction!


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