Baby Bets Contest RESULTS

I’m a little late getting around to calculating the results of this, since, as I said yesterday, all 3 babies ended up being born within one week. The first one on a Monday, then the next one on Thursday, then the last one on Sunday. Once those girls decided to get started they didn’t mess around. But I have to be honest, I was just not in a good enough place emotionally with everything going on with Presto to where I could stand to sit down and go through all my entries and calculate scores. Now that he’s finally doing better, I’ve finally done it. And omg, there was so much math. Thank goodness for Excel spreadsheets and formulas.


I also realized that I left too much room for technicalities, like for instance if someone guessed “star” and baby had a star and snip, you weren’t technically wrong, you just weren’t 100% right. So I gave a lot of half credits for half-right answers. I also gave people credit equally for bay or brown, since I know a lot of people don’t really differentiate. Next time I’ll lay it out better in the rules. For the first two mares, Lissa and Sadie, a lot of people were neck and neck in the points. What really killed pretty much everyone’s chances was Laken’s filly. Lots of people got a big fat 0 points from her (which should surprise no one, because fillies do what fillies want).

First things first.. here are the babies! Willow Tree Warmbloods class of 2017:

Liam WTW “Liam” by Emerald out of Lasilissa 






Like Magic WTW “Presto” by Mighty Magic out of Westbound






Lorelei WTW “Rory” by Balou du Rouet out of Interlaken

photo by Stephanie Mills Photography
photo by Stephanie Mills Photography
photo by Stephanie Mills Photography
photo by Stephanie Mills Photography

For those who are keeping track, that’s two colts, one filly. One chestnut, two brown (although obviously Rory will go gray). Four whites for Liam, one for Presto, two for Rory. Funnily enough, they all have dots – Liam has a white dot on his nose, Presto has a white dot on his lip and a black dot in his sock, and Rory has a brown dot on her nose. It’s like they all wanted to coordinate with the new WTW logo.

But anyway, without further ado, the winner of the Baby Bets contest is Karley!

Thanks everyone who participated (for real, there were 52 entries!) and we’ll definitely do it again next year!

10 thoughts on “Baby Bets Contest RESULTS

  1. Go Karley! I never finished my answer, too many variables lol. Maybe next time more like a quiz form so only set answers to make it easier on you? They are all cute and I’m partial to Liam cause it’s my sons name 🙂


  2. Congrats to Karly! And to you Amanda for getting this tallied up. I didn’t even enter because I couldn’t narrow down all the options.
    These babies are all ADORABLE! I love the Gilmore Girls references with Rory too. So cute.


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